Bhasker Bhandare


Have you ever wondered why family structure is considered very important in India? Even today, irrespective of which religion we belong to many follow traditions that have come down from our forefathers. But are we moving away from all this? Is it technology that is affecting us or there is something else that is changing how we think? Well, it’s very important to find an answer to all these questions.

Indian families have both structure and function. Like the skeleton and muscles in a body, the structure is what gives a family its size and shape. Also, like organs within the body that perform necessary functions to keep the body working, there are certain necessary functions that keep families healthy. The family in Indian society is an institution by itself and a typical symbol of the collectivist culture of India right from the ancient times. But everything is changing and it is changing at a pace that if we do not take any action then it will surely affect the thinking of the future generations to come and also it will massively impact our diverse culture. Of course, I am talking about the web series that are releasing on OTT platforms these days. As soon as, a new web series or original is dumped online on OTT platform, people are no longer watching a single episode. They keep away all the important households, pending work and stay glued to those web series. To name a few we have Money Heist, FRIENDS, Black Mirror, Big Bang Theory from Netflix, Four More Shots, Vampire Diaries and How I Met Your Mother from Amazon Prime topping the list. Upon asking a friend, you will receive a justification for the entire time wasted. Excuses flow in the form of stress-relieving, break from a hard day at work, or time is taken to slow down at night. Today you can just count the number of people not having a Netflix account or any other OTT account. Once you start watching a series, it keeps the reality away. Hours flow past easily and the one episode you took as a break has led you to the end of the show. If you discover all your free time wasted sitting in front of these mind bogglers, waiting for the day to finish, the impact is tremendous, already. Report of children slipping grades, employees reaching late to work and even people not going outside has been increasing. But yes, I am not saying watching a web series is bad, infact some web series like The Family Man is a must-watch but at the same time others like Patal Lok, Tandav, etc, are only spreading negativity and not only influencing young minds but at the same time damaging the core of Indian family structure.

The pandemic has thought us a lot, it made us realise that we can survive without all the partying, clubbing, etc. It has also thought us that if use technology and internet wisely than we can surely bring the world together. The most positive change which happened during pandemic is online users have increased many fold, education became online and a combination of online, offline education structure gave our education system a new look. It is said change is life. Almost all of us use the internet and are always keen on adopting new technology but while doing all this are we forgetting to also upgrade our family structure by giving time to our loved ones at home, restarting the lost communication between every family member at home, as I believe no matter how complex the situation there is always a solution and finding that solution becomes even more easier if there is unity and communication within the family.

Why I am saying this is because everything around us is changing and we are adopting this changing environment but we are not realising that the time has come for us to realise that we as individuals are nothing no matter how rich you are or how high your social status, your family is everything and thus revamping family values and reviving the lost communication is the need of the hour to bridge the gap between technology-powered modern life style and safeguarding our diverse culture.