Prarthana D A


It is a beautiful morning!

The sun is shining like a prism,

Its rays are touching Nature.

Birds are flying in flocks,

But some are alone.


It is a summer morning

The weather is so hot.

The animals are in search of water

They are running like anything.


But the elephants are not like them

They thought (2)

Where the water can be

They heard (2)

The water flows under the ground

They ran, They dug (2)

They found the water source.


When it rains in the rainforest

The branches of tress

Take a form of an umbrella

And it is called Canopy!


The largest rainforest is


Congo Basin rainforest

Is second!

The next one is

Daintree rainforest!


When Cuckoos sing Coo, Coo, Coo,

It means, it is Spring!

In winter bears hibernate

Birds migrate to warm places.


It is night,

The moon is shining like a pearl!

Good Night


(Writer is a class six student at Kendriya Vidyalaya INS Mandovi)