Childhood is undoubtedly the best time of everyone’s life and as one grows up, one misses those carefree days even more. All we can do now is cherish the memories of childhood. Youngsters share with NT KURIOCITY funny incidents of when they were children, as told to them by their parents or relatives

I used to love cats, and I cried and cried to get one. And finally my parents brought home a kitten, a black and white beauty whose fur was as soft as silk. But it ran away after a few days. Realising that my parents would not get me another one, I went to the fish market nearby and got a kitten that looked exactly like it. My parents didn’t notice, and everything went well – except for the fact that the previous kitten returned the next day. I was allowed to keep both kittens though so it wasn’t all bad.


Viraj Kamat, engineer, Shiroda

I was around 4 or 5 years old when my parents promised me that they would get me a new cycle. As both of them worked, the whole day I waited for them to return home with my new cycle. When they returned home, I noticed that they didn’t have anything with them. They had just bought me one bar of chocolate. I got so angry that I just started walking so fast that I reached far and it was also little dark outside. Then suddenly my grandfather noticed I was not at home and he came with the bike searching for me and took me home and promised that the next day they would get me the cycle. They really did buy it for me the next day.


Alisha Menezes, theatre artist, Divar

Shaktimaan was my most favourite superhero during my school days. So in pre-primary I had taken part in a fancy-dress competition, while all others were dressed in diverse characters, I only stuck to being Shaktimaan. But since the exact costume of Shaktimaan was not available, my parents had to make one for me and though I was acting like Shaktimaan wearing that costume, however, the costume was more of a Lord Krishna character which was funny when I think about it today.  


Bhasker Bhandare, proprietor, Digican Digital Services, Margao

There are many things my elders have told me about my childhood and all the notorious stuff I would do back in those days. I was a foodie right from my childhood, fish was always my favourite and my mom would prepare extremely spicy masalas. And it seems when I was one-and-a-half years old I used to literally wake up at 1:30 a.m. or 2 a.m. and ask for fish or just the raw masala, if not that than simply rawa would do. My whole family would be in deep sleep, I would go and wake my mother up asking for food and my mom would make me sit with the those eatables in the dark with all lights off and even she would go back to sleep. I used to sit in the dark eating, careless of what the time was.


Darshan Mangueshkar, School Of Symbiosis, Shiroda

My brother’s godfather was visiting us. Since there was no space for him to sit, my brother and I went and sat on the television which was running. My brother’s godfather was horrified. But he was even more horrified at my father’s reaction. My father was very much calm and composed about the incident and didn’t show any reaction. My brother’s godfather recounts this incident even to this day every time he visits our home.


Agnes Pinto, Vasco