By Kirti Bihani


New year starts with hopes and delight

As soon expected vaccines has brought some light

In our frustrated lives

To take away the darkness of Corona fright

Hope world will again shine bright

With good health, peace & prosperity in everyone’s life

Things will become again alright

We hope we will get relief from last year’s plight

Which took away all our rights

And freedom to socialize

Activities around the world will again normalize

Economy will recover and regain the height

We all will again lead a peaceful life


New year is the best time to have past year’s insight

Last year taught us many lessons of life

To value things which we took as granted and light

Like food ,family ,shelter and mere nature’s sight

Hope this year all our wishes will take a flight

Towards prosperity, joy, mirth and delight

With reasons to rejoice and excite

With family and friends to reunite

With all blessings showered on us as sunlight

To make our future prosperous and bright

As dawn after a dark night

New year starts with hopes and delight