The year 2020 will go down in history not only for the pandemic but for other reasons. As the year comes to an end today, youngsters explain and describe 2020 in one word or phrase to NT KURIOCITY

To me 2020 has been a year for expanding consciousness. With the year being loaded with ups and downs and going through the process of self-realisation. I felt blessed with a lot of time which I mainly used for personality development- working with emotions arising from the unconscious parts of the mind, introspecting on memories and transmuting my ego. I gained a lot of knowledge and also helped a few others to manage their emotions. It was a site to observe how people channelised their emotional energy into interests, hobbies, being aware of mental health that they would otherwise wouldn’t have a reason to think about, learning new skills and finding the happiness that lies within us in the here and now.


Leontia Fernandes, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

This year has truly been unprecedented and the world has never experienced this amount of damage before. I would describe 2020 as a rollercoaster ride. From a global pandemic, protests and riots, national and local elections, online learning and work from home, we’ve come a long way. 2020 has completely changed my perspective about life. At the end of this pandemic, we have found a ray of hope in the form of a safe and effective vaccine which will definitely defeat this virus and help in healing millions of people. There’s always hope!


Sriyanka Rivanker, Margao

From a global pandemic, protests and riots in parts of the world to the worst forest fires the world had ever seen, online learning and remote work, describing 2020 in just a word or two seems like a daunting task. At the point when the whole world was prepared to greet the new decade wholeheartedly and anxious to proceed with plans, everyone was shocked with the intrusion of COVID-19 in our lives affecting the world. The world was not prepared for the uninvited guest and had no reinforcement plans. 2020 has exceptionally been a tough year. The disruption caused by pandemic has changed the situation completely. On the other hand, our houses have turned into conference rooms and colleges and school have turned to online studies. The new normal has changed everyone’s lives upside down so coping up and adapting the new changes seems difficult.


Anushka Anil Karambelkar, Bicholim

Bizzare. Deadly. Depressing. Unpredictable. All such negative words can be considered as synonyms for the year 2020. It certainly has been a bad year if not the worst. We lost so many people due to pandemic. We also witnessed the shocking demise of various legends in various fields. Deadly virus, loss of jobs, worst economic downturns, on almost every day we were affected with a lot of bad news somewhere or the other. But all those who remained safe and sound in this year should be thankful to the almighty and even though things seem to worsen in 2021 with new COVID strains arising in various parts of world. We can only hope and pray for normalcy at the earliest.


Saish Gaitonde, Panaji

2020 initially was supposed to be a year of some new happenings with new gist for trying and doing out-of-the-box things. The biggest lockdown happened in the history due to the coronavirus. Many people were away from their family despite having money but they weren’t able to meet, all over the world schools and institutions are closed and it is the first time that every institution and teacher are connected with students through online classes. The saddest moment in human history was if someone from your neighbourhood or family got infected and you want to keep yourself away from that person, and couldn’t even see him/her for one last time during funerals. Doctors all around the world are working around the clock. Economy is adversely affected which has posed the biggest threat of poverty and unemployment. All I can say is 2020 has been a cruel year to the world.


Kishan Mangueshkar, Shiroda