By Kirti Bihani

The year 2020 was dominated by coronavirus disease causing a global pandemic- an unexpected wrecking havoc.Year 2020 was the most cursed year in the world history seen so far. There were many outbreaks of diseases earlier but this is the deadliest global pandemic experienced till date. Year 2020 started with coronavirus  emerging in some countries, finally engulfing the entire world. Many nations declared complete lockdown to contain the spread of virus but disastrous virus became uncontrollable. Millions of people died because of the disease.Last year also experienced a lot of natural calamities like cyclones, floods,locust attacks, earthquakes, etc adding to the pain.A stretch of bad events kicked off the year.Economies around the world collapsed and many people lost their jobs.This raging pandemic brought down the world on its knees. It decimated the population of entire earth. Healthcare workers, doctors, nurses are real heroes of this time who risk their lives for saving and curing people. This disease brought the biggest challenge on science to develop the imperative vaccine and then to make it on such a wide scale.Vaccines are ready now and many countries have already started vaccination.


Year 2020 was marked with bad news and depression all around the world. By the end of the year two new, potentially more contagious variant of the coronavirus were found in Britain and South Africa .New variants found are even more infectious and transmissible. These countries are  trying to curb the spread of new virus and further studies are being carried out on the new variant  .Many countries have closed their borders to both  Britain and South Africa. Doctors and experts believe that vaccines made will work against new coronavirus variants also.If vaccines prove to be effective and without side effects, we can leave pandemic behind soon.In this way we can hope for much better 2021.


We have now been facing this global pandemic for more than eight months which affected our lives in sudden and unexpected ways for which we were not prepared and thus thought us many lessons. 

 Mahatma Gandhi said: “In the midst of darkness, light persists.”

In this wake whole world understood the importance of some economic sectors which need more attention like  health, hygiene ,transport, drinking water, security ,waste management ,distribution and research .We could learn from this and seriously rethink and reorganise our flaws and prepare for future.Wearing face mask,boosting immunity and keeping hygiene should become an integral part of our lifestyle even after vaccination.


Though last year left us paralyzed in so many different ways but with that it gave us hard lessons in life.Now we will value basic things that we used to take for granted in daily life like food, family, house and realize the importance of good health and our profession.New year is the best time to look back at the past year and learn from it for a brighter future.


People are drowned with fear and uncertainty about their future and their health safety .We are very close to vaccines in India also, as it is on its last stage of  trials and will be available soon. This new year starts with a leap of hope and faith with soon expected vaccines.Hope this year 2021 sees a safer and more secure fearless world filled with new opportunities and prosperity. Hope everything will be hunky-dory again soon in this year and will bring good fortune for all.