With so many wishes unfulfilled this year, youngsters share with NT KURIOCITY how different their year would have been if the pandemic had not struck

The year 2020 has definitely not gone the way I’d planned for myself, but in some way or the other it has been beneficial. Some of the things I was really looking forward to were my college trip outside Goa and Serendipity Arts Festival as I love the way Panaji looks during these months. As far as academics are concerned, this has been a not-so-serious year. As a college student I feel this would have been a crucial year and too fun-filled to stay home, but at the same time it would have been like any other year. Nevertheless, this pandemic has taught me a lot and has given me a chance to ponder over many other things.


Raysancia D’Cunha, student, Dhempe College of Art and Science, Miramar

If the so called new normal never happened, this year would’ve had many more opportunities for me in the event industry, which was affected the hardest.


Kai Da Costa, Emcee/event manager, Margao

I am tired of hearing words like corona, COVID-19, pandemic, masks and sanitizers. Now I imagine if COVID-19 was not there how different this year would be. Goa would have been lit and decorated like a queen entering into December with the annual International Film Festival of India (IFFI) followed by the Goenche Saibache feast and the creative and mind-pleasing Serendipity Arts Festival taking art to another level with some great work across the capital city. December is one of the best months; Christmas and New Year vibes in this cold weather just bring a chill down the spine, roaming freely on the streets late at night to celebrate Christmas Eve with loved ones, and a lot of EDM concerts would have been a part of this month. New Year celebrations would have been a priority as well. But alas! This remains a dream.


Ravi Kamat, Panaji

Everyone wishes for a good long holiday at least once in their lifetime. But the pandemic brought a holiday the world was not prepared for. If the pandemic had not happened, I would have been busy with my daily schedule, completing journals, working on projects, working for a good paying job and having unending days. This year was very important for me as I would have been spending the last few wonderful moments with my college friends. But corona happened. Regardless of all these things, this pandemic has brought families emotionally together. It has given one time for self-care and healing, and has provided ample time for everyone to plan resolutions.


Mugdha Kamat, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

This pandemic has been a lesson for us. The year would have been as any other if there was no pandemic. Many people lost their jobs, the economy went down, and government faced challenges. Many people lost their lives. It was the worst experience. We could not celebrate our festivals up to the mark. We learned to support local businesses and made in India products instead of Chinese. We learned to give more preference for cleanliness and hygiene. We learned to not depend on only one source of income. We got a break from our hectic work schedule and got a chance to spend enough quality time with our family and focus and develop our skills.


Shubham Parsekar, Mapusa

Well, I didn’t really have any plan of what I would do in 2020, but I certainly wanted to take up a job, do some adventurous activities like go for mountaineering, sky diving, travel for a bit and try different restaurants. Due to the pandemic I thought I would make the most of all the free time. I tried to be productive in every way I could by enriching my hobbies. I painted, which was totally therapeutic; I read some really good books; meditated to attain peace of mind and stress relief; spent some quality  time with my family; learned a bit of cooking  and took up an online course. I would have achieved all that I had planned to, but I have achieved and learned much more during this pandemic.


Tanisha Samant, Porvorim

The end of the year does not make a big difference to me. It’s nothing more than an end in the calendar just like any other month. I prefer to treat each day as a new day, a new life, a new opportunity to grow and retrospect, fix things, make friends, network with folks and explore new ways of life. I would say this pandemic has altered a lot in our routines. When heading out, I now I think about where I go and with whom I go, because I have to think about my family. The freedom of traversing has been hijacked. Normally the semester end exams would end in December so there was a sense of relief and chill out mode would be at its peak, but now it’s different and pretty weird.


Kishan Mangueshkar, Shiroda

The year-end is always my favourite. This being the last month of the year, it’s normally filled with celebrations and preparations for Christmas in any Catholic household. It’s the most joyous month of the year for us, but for me being an engineering student it would also be a time where I’d be studying for my exams if this pandemic wasn’t there.


Reuban Mascarenhas, Colva