With a new category for selection and nomination of candidates from ‘Wards of COVID Warriors’ under the Central Pool MBBS/BDS seats for 2020-21 being  announced recently, a few Goans share their thoughts on the same with NT KURIOCITY

It is a good move from the government’s side to commemorate the services of the medical personnel towards the general public, especially at such a time. This will present an opportunity to the wards of medical personnel to pursue their parents’ field instead of diverging from it. Children of doctors have a better exposure to the field before others trying to pursue medicine. Our doctors are no less than soldiers fighting the infection while putting their lives at stake. They’re the white blood cells of the nation. So I see it right and just that something like this be kept for them.


Reuban Mascarenhas, Colva

This is a great move to honour the sacrifice of all the fallen COVID warriors. It is impossible to win this war against COVID-19 without them. There might not be any better way to recognise and pay tribute to their invaluable contribution in the fight against coronavirus. That being said the general category students already face a grave injustice and disadvantage because of the reservation system. Reserving seats again for any purpose, from the general quota will only aggravate the issue. Therefore, the government should increase the total number of seats by five and then reserve them for the same.


Venkatesh Shenvi, Porvorim

Introducing a new quota seems more like a publicity stunt by the government than a panacea for the problems faced by COVID warriors. Government data says 1.5 crore COVID warriors are present in India, so the quota will not help everyone. Developed countries spend nearly 10 per cent of GDP on healthcare while we spend 3 per cent. So I request the government to increase funds for healthcare, build infrastructure and provide social security to COVID warriors.


Pranav Nerurkar, Panaji

The Central Pool Quota are those seats which are obtained through voluntary contribution from various state governments or colleges. Reservation of five MBBS/BDS seats in this pool for wards of COVID affected frontline warriors is indeed an insightful decision. Honestly, no compensation is enough for what these COVID warriors are enduring. What is really appreciable is that the eligibility extends to anyone from a doctor to a nurse to social workers and ad-hoc outsourced staff too. However little be the compensation, this decision is definitely worth endorsing.


Rushabh Shetye Saudagar, Goa College of Engineering, Ponda

Our brave army is standing like a rock-hard shield on the borders, protecting us from external enemies, similarly are our doctors who have been risking their lives during this dreadful pandemic. Since the pandemic began, a majority of our doctors and health workers have worked hard. It’s not easy to do what they have done. Taking the recovery rates to more than 93 per cent is a great achievement, especially without the availability of a vaccine. They deserve honours for their deed. I feel this gesture of reserving five MBBS seats for the year 20-21 for the children of COVID warriors would boost their morale. Also this would set an example to society that good work is always recognised and cherished by all, and also inspire others to render selfless service to society.


Kishan Mangueshkar, Shiroda