As the nation is set to celebrate Children’s Day on November 14, NT KURIOCITY got in touch with youngsters to know what they wanted to be once they grew up and if they have achieved that dream

As a child my dreams kept changing as soon as I found something new, but I was sure I wanted to be a doctor. Towards the end of my higher secondary I was working towards getting into agriculture or botany. Somehow I ended up doing my bachelor’s in naturopathy and yoga. I guess I’m going to be a doctor after all.

Zuleika Antao, Margao

Being a child is a wonderful feeling in itself – no worries, no responsibilities and no expectations. Rather than a specific dream, I had a lot of curiosity and excitement to try different things – science, art, drama and dance. Just enjoy! As I grew up, the excitement has not decreased but the worries about having a good, stable future sometimes comes in the way of taking risks. Nevertheless, I try to connect with my inner child whenever possible. A beach would be the best place to do it. Carefree waves let you connect with your carefree inner child!

Vishvaja Faldesai, software engineer, Bambolim

I wanted to become a doctor ever since I was a child. Mom always said: “You are a laborious child” but when I started my middle school I stopped thinking about what I want to be in the future because I tried to be like everyone else. As time went by I didn’t care about anything. I only cared about having fun and trying out for sports. Once I chose my degree course, I got to know what I wanted to be. Now my childhood dream has come true and I am going to be a psychologist.

Shalvi Singh, Carmel College of Arts, Science & Commerce For Women, Nuvem

Children are innocent and their aspirations cannot be compared to any ambitious people on planet. Almost every day they change their ambitions like how we change our clothes. I too was no different. I wanted to become police to catch thieves, I wanted to become an astronaut as I dreamt to walk in zero gravity. I was fascinated by Indo-Portuguese houses and dams that stored water so I wanted to become an engineer. I loved wild animals so thought of becoming a wildlife photographer. My desires to touch the ocean floor made me think of becoming a scuba diver and the list goes on. A few things I dreamt about in my childhood have come true. I am pursuing my civil engineering and am into nature conservation, I learned to swim and am also part of various social and cultural, heritage organisations that work towards making positive changes in society.

Kishan Mangueshkar, Shiroda

As a child I always dreamed of myself with an easel, canvas, brushes and lots of colours. It was my only dream to become an artist. And a lot of obstacles came in between my journey, sometimes it was terrifying to think – if I don’t complete my course, what will I do? However, my parents always supported me in every twist and turn to complete my childhood dream, and I have achieved it. I may not be a very successful or famous artist but I still remember what someone once told me, ‘when you dream about something, be ready to fall, struggle but never give up’.

Alisha Chari, artist, Mapusa

Well, I always wanted to be a commercial pilot. I adored every glimpse of it- from the runway to the cockpit to the uniforms and most importantly the destinations. But unfortunately due to some circumstances I couldn’t apply for the same, but I am glad that I am still completing my childhood dream of studying in the field of aviation.

Munira Shaikh, resident of Ponda studying at Koshys Group of Institutions, Bengaluru