After making people groove to his tunes the world over, DJ Ignatius Camilo aka Iggy, returned to Goa and founded Cirrus, a community that combines the worlds of partying and sustainable living. NT meets the DJ


DJ Ignatius Camilo began his career playing at beach shack in Goa. A self- taught DJ from Goa, he then went on to play his signature music in different Indian cities, London, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Croatia. “I used to listen to music from other sources besides the regular sources like MTV or Channel V. And that kind of inspired me to expose people to this kind of music,” says Camilo.
This prompted him to delve into DJing. He thus went on to buy himself DJ equipment and began to learn. “I started to learn on my own. I would watch how other people would use the equipment, but then I learned my own ways, my own tricks and techniques after practicing for many years,” he says. Camilo now teaches people to DJ.
Camilo’s skills have been recognised world over, and he says that it is his persistence that has contributed to his success. “If you’re good at something you get exposure. The right people come to you and pick you up and you end up playing at big places,” he says.
And while in other countries there a healthy ratio between men and women attending parties, in India he observes, the ratio of men is a bit higher. “I think this is because sometimes women are restricted by their families from going out,” he says.
But Camilo is not just all about music, he is a firm believer in sustainable living. “Every human being is smart enough to understand that right now this current development is not development, its degrading,” he says adding that the increase of automobiles and bridges have not done anyone any good. “All of this has made us sicker than we were three or four decades ago,” he says.
Thus, he says that in order to save the world, and oneself, one must choose a path that is not followed by others and contribute in saving the planet. “I quit the race because I do not want to follow anyone. I felt that I need to do my own thing. I need to live a simple life like a farmer. That I think is the way to save the world or save ourselves. I need to start by myself,” he says
He states that a number of people are suffering and complaining but still do not change their way of life. His advice is to quit the race and go back to the roots. “You have to start at home and that is what I am doing. I want to live a simple life, I want to grow my own food and rear my own animals,” says Camilo. He further states that doing so will keep people healthy.
Camilo also collects trash in whatever capacity he can, which has disposed on the roads by construction companies and tries to make something out of that trash. “I have collected broken tile pieces, plastic, paper rubber tires and so on from other locations and I have tried to make things out of that trash. That is my take on sustainable living,” he says.
Nine years ago, Camilo also constructed Cirrus, a space that combines the unlikely worlds of partying and sustainable living, right from scratch. The place is a platform for people to showcase their art and their talent says Camilo. “Anything is included in it from performances to cooking. Anything that is interesting, that people are passionate about, anything that is sustainable, something that moves me, I will have them at Cirrus which is my home and that has all kinds of artists from all over the world,” says Camilo.
In fact, Cirrus has no age bar and along with adults, kids too are welcome to showcase their talent. Cirrus is also a space for people to get together to discuss and debate about issues. “It’s not only about debate and talk but to actually do things and teach other people and learn from one another, whether its yoga, pilates, boxing, swimming or any form of exercise, the list is endless,” he says.
Camilo adds that there is a possibility of doing everything by using instincts and creativity. “It’s not about just picking stuff on what the text book is telling you. We can use our instinct, our instinct is better than any education, we have to evoke that instinct and grow from there,” he says.
In fact, it is this trusting of the gut instinct that will be the focus of his talk at the upcoming fourth edition of TEDxPanaji, where he will talk about how he trusted his gut feeling and started eating healthy. “Eating healthy is a vast subject. There are many types of ways you can eat healthy. I will be discussing a method of eating which keeps the human body 99 percent to almost 100 percent disease free and fit without the help of medication, by eating the right food at the right time,” says Camilo.

Pic by Hemant Parab | NT BUZZ