As we get set to celebrate Teachers’ Day tomorrow, NT KURIOCITY asked a few students about their favourite teachers and the best moments spent with them

Teachers are the backbone of our society. They support us and guide us and teach us to be better citizens. One such teacher is Sir Akash from my school. He is the best. When I am wrong, he corrects me in a unique way. His every conversation is humorous and fun. Though he pulls my leg sometimes he loves me and cares about me a lot. He even makes the toughest subject like mathematics easy. And for Teachers’ Day, my friends and I have decided to make a small video for all our beloved teachers.
Joel Abner Fernandes, Chubby Cheeks Spring Valley High School, Pilerne

My favourite teacher is my class teacher Alvi Godinho and I, too, am her favourite. She loves me a lot and calls me “chubby cheeks”. She encourages me to participate in school activities like sports, dancing, drawing, etc and I love my teacher very much. She doesn’t scold us nor does she get angry. Also, she is always punctual for online classes.
Sherwin Fernandes, Deepvihar Primary School, Headland Sada Vasco

I think in every phase of life you meet a teacher who guides and inspires you to be a better person in life. I recall this one time when I was given a new task in the academy and I had no idea on how to go about it. Luckily one of the faculty members helped me resolve all my queries. The thing which motivated me the most was that the professor was never grumpy of my multiple questions related to the task. I always got a positive reply and so was able to complete my task on time and with accuracy. I am glad and grateful that I have come across such amazingly enthusiastic and passionate teachers.
Shruti Govenkar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

In guru mantra, we mention ‘GururSakshatPrahbrahma’ which means that the Guru is equivalent to the supreme head of gods. In my life I have had many teachers who have contributed in shaping and making me what I am today, and I owe all my respect to each one of them wholeheartedly. I was an introvert, shy, drab, and somber kind of student until I met a few teachers in class five. TeacherSavita Asnotikar who played a key role in restoring my morale and replenishing my belief in my inner strengths, and hidden qualities and the variety of opportunities she availed me helped me inculcate a sense of self-confidence and then there was no looking back. Teachers from School of Symbiosis and GVMS have been one-of-a-kind in my life and I cherish their presence around me.
Kishan Mangueshkar, Don Bosco College Of Engineering, Fatorda

I’ve just passed class 12 and my favourite school teacher in school was Siddhi Dessai who is very understanding and loving. She used to help me a lot in understanding difficult topics and would motivate us to study well.
Vaibhavi Ambe, Cuncolim

My mathematics teacher Varhsa Salkar is my favourite. She is kind and caring. And she teaches us mathematics in a very simple and understandable manner. She listens to our questions and clears all our doubts with a smile. She encourages us by giving stars in our school dairy.
Ryan Bhatkar, Deepvihar Primary School, Headland Sada Vasco

First of all, I would like to wish a Happy Teachers’ Day to all my Gurus. No doubt each one has their own favourite teacher but my favourite teacher is myself. No teacher can help you if are not willing to learn! Unless and until I don’t make a mistake, how am I supposed to learn? And who knows us better than ourselves? Of course,we. So, one should always have the will to learn and the rest is done by teachers by guiding us!
Rohit Yadav, ayurveda doctor, Vasco

For me the best moment was a perfect mutual understanding between me and my teachers on trying to solve any problem not only in academics but also in my real life. Teachers strive to teach us subjects which we study enthusiastically. For me it was always relating these subjects to real life which I enjoy doing so along with learning process. This made my relationship with teachers as sweet as a bird’s chirrup and hence all my teachers right from grass root level till now are my favourite.
Vishvesh Kamat, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao