By Bryce D’souza

The night has just unfolded and the skies filled with stars shining in their greatest volume, bringing light to the living beings below it at distances from their splendour. They shine brightly in their entirety as they make way to conquer the world with the light that it deserves at this point in time.
As darkness now envelops the world, as nations join hands together to fight the spread of the disease, and as people take refuge in their shelters, a greater understanding of humanity has now dissolved into the hearts and minds of people. A humanity where we are all brothers and sisters united in diversity, a humanity where there exists no differences between ourselves and our fellow neighbours, a humanity where we learn to respect each other’s personal opinions about life and finally a humanity which is filled with boundless love for one another transcending all social and cultural barriers, paving the way for a greater understanding of our world which is otherwise a small village.
It is indeed really disheartening, as the disease has taken nearly a third of the world’s population leaving people under distress and anxiety of what the future really holds for them, but if one could look at it from a more broader perspective it has made us realise how we all are one and the same created on this earth, all with varying potentials to change the world for the greater good and make the world a better place to live in.
As the day comes to a close, the skies continue to remain dark and abound as a way to remind us all of our wrong-doings, of not taking the time to introspect on ourselves, our actions, our misdeeds towards others but yet the stars keep shining in an attempt to narrow down all prospects of our misdeeds putting an end to all our lives and paving the way of greater hopes in the universal and the supreme almighty that one fine day we will all be redeemed of all the sufferings thrust upon us all.

(Writer is a student at St Xavier’s College, Mapusa)