By Bhasker Bhandare

We are living in a pandemic which is similar to living during a war. If you ask any of your elders, they will tell you how life was during any of the wars our country has gone through. Though mornings were normal, there was very little or no movement in the evening. The previous times were different, those days we did not have infrastructure and life seemed too difficult. It’s a fact that today almost the entire world is at war with an enemy that can’t be seen. But the internet and online infrastructure has really helped us half way in fighting this crisis.
During the pre-corona days socialising was the major part of human culture especially during weekends, parties, festivals and get-togethers which helped us grow relationships. After the pandemic it won’t be the same. Our life will change completely. Meeting someone in large gatherings will not be possible due to restrictions put by the governing bodies, meeting someone in person will be minimal in near future as the fear of the pandemic is going to last for a long time. But keeping all this aside we should not forget that going digital is the present and the future and internet is making everything possible, social media, video conferencing chat apps, email, virtual reality are all the tools that are helping us to bridge the gap of social distancing. Even our education has gone online these days. Classrooms have replaced virtual classes, rate of online payments increasing day by day and there is no doubt that the young generation will cope up to it very quickly. But we also have a significant amount of middle-aged people who are still not familiar with all this, they are really finding it difficult to get a hold on the digital way. The more these people learn about the latest technology of the internet world the better it will be to make India fully digital literate country. It will also help to make our economy into a digital economy thus saving on printing the currency. It is rightly said with taking the oath for achieving a goal to keeping patience in the difficult times, anything is possible because behind the darkness of the night there always exists a bright morning. So today it is very important for us to convert our adversary into opportunity so that we as a country emerge strong and capable to be the next superpower of the world.