By Chriselle Fernandes

There are many things we all can do to get our mind off this present situation. Me and my family, find Music as the solution to be positive from negativity, to gain strength from fear and to hope from despair. Apart from Music I’ve tried gardening too!
My family – my dad, my mom and my little sister – and I enjoy playing Music. I’m sure most of you all are familiar with this name, ‘Maria Fabiola Lopes e Fernandes’, yeah, she’s my mom. Together we make a good duo, sometimes mom playing the Violin or Flute or Keyboard and me playing the Cello and sometimes both playing the Violin, wherein, she plays the first voice and I play the Alto voice. I play the Piano and Keyboard too. We play Mandos, Hymns, Songs-Classic and Modern etc. She’s the most enthusiastic and passionate person I’ve seen in my life. She’s my one and only inspiration.
I have always been my mom’s favourite violin accompanist cum singer, playing for Weddings, Funerals, Mass, Parties, Litanies, Concerts etc. We also pen down a lot of alto voices together, making music interesting, fun and time consuming indoors. Music has built up our relationship as musicians and as Best Friends.
Now comes my Magic Man, my loving dad, Fredy Fernandes, Naroa, Divar, who blows the Clarinet most of the times accompanying us more during this lockdown then otherwise. He has surely been an active participant playing the Clarinet in all Motete concerts conducted by his wife. Recently, he has taught me to prepare tea, make green salad and most important, to devote time in saying Rosary everyday thus, boosting my spirituality. He’s been a mentor to me and creating magic all through my life in so many ways.
My parents have been the funniest joke makers, comedians all times even in this COVID situation keeping me and my sister, Lisandra happy and hopeful. They are our confidence and teachers.
Being 4 years old, playing the open strings of the Violin, my sister Lisandra, acts to be the most diplomatic class teacher I’ve ever seen in my life. Yes, she does know a little about Corona Virus, and laughs at it so innocently, that we feel that the virus has already passed away. Her favourite cartoon, ‘Masha and the Bear’, has been the curtain raiser, since lockdown. She opens up her violin case and starts to play with us in speed and shouts boldly that we do hell of mistakes. I just can’t stand this till I make her cry. Yet it’s fun watching her active filled up with full spirit.
Waiting hopefully that COVID-19 may sincerely die forever, it has surely swallowed up time, hope, success, money, health and life. At the same time, I also hope that Lisandra may drop down the curtain on that cartoon serial very soon.
Suicide, fear, despair, loss, death was and is the news everywhere which I was fed up and I decided to pen down the same. A write-up, to convey to the young and old minds, that prayer, music, family and values can make life beautiful even in the ugliest times. Surely there is day and night, darkness and light, height and depth, I know these bad times will be good soon, one has to live with hope and safety. Remember God is there. So, think good, be good and do good.
Just waiting to enter the gates……….hey, not heaven but school!