As the results of Goa Board SSC or class 10 examinations are finally out, NT KURIOCITY asked students if they are happy with their results and if they think answering exams during the COVID-19 situation had an impact on their results or performance in anyway

I have got distinction and am happy with my results. My family and I were just waiting for the exam time table as I was kind of bored of studying. However, the lockdowns were like a bonus point for us as we got ample amount of time to study and improve our grades. Our school was also very supportive and used to have online tests which were very helpful. The pandemic did impact us mentally as I was scared while answering exams but thankfully everything went well. The support from school and family was immense.

Leandro Pereira, Sacred Heart of Jesus High School, Anjuna

Yes, the COVID-19 situation impacted our results as the situation was unpredictable and students were bored to read the same thing over and over.We were very bored when the examination dates were not declared and due to lockdown also it affected us as we were not in a mood to study. I myself could have done better.

Chaitanya Nagvekar, Saraswat Vidyalaya High School, Mapusa

Yes, I’m very happy with my results. It could have been a lot better but then the lockdown was imposed and we also locked the books down. And with parents pestering us to study and not knowing when exam dates will be declared, it was working me up and all work and no play made Joey a dull boy. So I made myself a time table and followed it, and here I am happy no complains. The lockdown did not affect me in anyway.

Joel Furtado, Regina Mundi High School, Vasco

I’m not satisfied with the results. Answering during this pandemic had a great impact on not just the students but everyone involved like teachers and parents. It was a very risky decision taken by our Chief Minister to hold exams and I feel the decision was also rushed. He should have realised the pressure on students. Instead of conducting online consultation he should have come up with something better. But for better or worse we students put in our maximum efforts to score better.

Kathit Shah, Mushtifund High School, Panaji

Although I have got a decent score of 90.5 per cent, I feel if this pandemic had not happened I could have scored more than this. In between the two-month gap I lost the interest in studying and reading the same books. Maybe it was a fortunate thing for many students but for me it did not work out.

Shriv Prabhudesai, The New Educational Institute, Quepem

I feel all the students could have achieved better results if we had a normal situation and positive surrounding. The pandemic badly affected the mental health of the students and even teachers and parents. The government could’ve sought more time and patiently taken the right decision keeping in mind the situation of all SSC students.

Amisha Halankar, Mushtifund High School, Panaji

I am not at all happy because I was expecting much better results. Due to COVID-19 we had a big break before exams which made us neglect our studies as we were not sure if exams will happen or not. If the exams were answered as per schedule I think we all would have done really well. However, we tried our best in this pandemic situation and now we are ready go to the next level.

Jane Angelica Braganza, St Mary of The Angels Convent High School, Chinchinim

I am not happy with my SSC results as I feel I could have scored more otherwise. The COVID-19 scenario disturbed the tempo and rhythm of my study pattern, the postponement of exams did make me lethargic as regards to studies. The uncertainty of the exam made me anxious all the time, thus disturbing the study mood.

Raajas Naik Gaonkar, Mushtifund High School, Panaji