As the pandemic has taught us to be more sensitive towards our health and hygiene, NT KURIOCITY asked a few people about some of the healthy habits they plan to continue with even after things get back to normal.

I plan to continue eating homemade food, exercise regularly to maintain a good immune system, and meditate daily to relax my mind and handle stress and negative thoughts. I will also drink a gallon of water daily, go early to sleep and wake up early, and most importantly I will continue to maintain hygiene like taking bath after coming from outside, using sanitiser and wearing a mask in polluted places.


Omkar Mandrekar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

The pandemic opened new windows for me, as an artist and human. I tried honing a lot of new skills that I couldn’t earlier. I found a lot of change in my thinking pattern and ideas. But the highlight of this period has been the change in my lifestyle. Strict consumption of only homemade food and having minimum eight hours of sleep are the two things which have made the biggest difference. I realised that the easiest way to fight this difficult situation is by maintaining physical and mental health.


Tushar Kamat, music producer, Panaji

I will follow a balanced diet which includes fruits and green leafy vegetables; eat fewer amounts of fats, oil and sugar to keep my immunity stronger along with continuing physical exercise to keep my body and mind positive and healthy. I will keep myself hydrated by drinking a minimum of three litres of warm water. I will always include proteins in my food. Also I will wash my hands before and after meals as well as after every activity. I will minimise going out unnecessarily.


Sangeeta Lamani, lecturer, Vasco         

Lockdown has forced us to rely on local supply of vegetable and other supplies, and these have restricted us eating only home cooked food. Earlier we used to grow our own kitchen garden only during the summer but now, I think there is a great need continue growing vegetables all around the year as they are healthier and more nutritious, but most importantly they are grown without any chemical pesticides. Eating healthy home-cooked food instead of junk food has made me realise that junk food may be tastier but home-cooked food can be both tasty as well as rich in nutrients. I would love to continue this habit of eating healthy even when everything gets back to normal because a healthy way is the way forward. I also believe that what we eat we become, if we eat healthy we will live a healthy life.


Sheliza D’Souza, Aldona

Among the many new habits attained in this period, I really feel some are worth keeping for the rest of our lives. Corona taught us that we can live without pizzas and pani puri for this long. Home-cooked food always comes first. It has also taught us the habit of spending some time with our family. I have also learned some hygienic practices. Social distancing can protect you not only from corona but from many contagious diseases too. Keeping your hands clean, wearing a mask in public and even washing vegetables and fruits with warm water before consuming and drinking hot water are habits that should stick around forever. Helping parents in household chores by sharing work is also a good habit which I will try to incorporate in my life. Above all, the best habit I learned is thinking before spending and leading a simple life.


Sai Sameer Kumar, Goa College of Engineering, Ponda

COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a complete transformation in my life. Being confined to the safety and security of my home has allowed me to spend quality time with my family, help with housework, maintain hygiene, stay up-to-date with the latest news and read books. I also control my spending much better now. I have realised that all these good habits are timeless.


Andrea Marie Colaco, resident of Vasco residing in Dubai

In order to keep myself safe from the virus, my parents have taught me a few new healthy habits. One of the most important habits is washing my hands for 20 seconds with hand wash or soap. Using hand sanitiser often and encouraging other family members to do the same is very important. It will help keep germs away, especially when I am in school. Wearing a face mask is also a habit which is good and I will continue to use it to protect myself from the increasing dust pollution.


Samuela A Fernandes, St Andrew’s ICSE School, Vasco

As far as healthy habits are concerned, most of the habits that we are practising right now are a pre-requisite to leading a healthy lifestyle. For example, eating nutritious food to keep our immunity strong, a few light exercises to keep fit and also the emphasis on personal hygiene and keeping the surroundings clean, and I want to continue with the same.


Danica Colaço, MES College of Arts & Commerce, Zuarinagar

Some of the habits include washing hands upon returning home, spending time with family as it creates a strong bond between parents and children. Also praying together unites the family and brings us close to God.


Kezia Pereira, St Theresa High School, Vasco