June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day by the United Nations for promoting and encouraging awareness and action all over the world to protect the environment. NT KURIOCITY asked a few Goans what will be their contribution to nature and environment this year

Students are important figures in the drive to fight climate change. Business students are more vital as they will be managing important corporate positions in the future. Their views will drive the organisation’s ideologies for sustainability. For me, conserving and protecting the environment has always been a higher priority than financial profitably. I bought a bicycle to help commute locally and reduce my dependence on motor vehicles. Every year, for the last few years, I have been planting 7-8 trees to offset my family’s oxygen consumption and reach one step closer to my goal of being carbon-neutral.

Kenneth Ryan Fernandes, student, Goa Institute of Management, Sanquelim

People should actively be thinking about taking care of our environment right now and should ingrain good practises in their subconscious minds. Every time you are throwing something out, ponder if it was possible to avoid generation of this waste. Cutting off the source wherever possible is the most effective and rational method. I have always seen my parents reuse bags, never litter and even take a stand against people who do and I have learned to do the same. I believe I am doing a small part by spreading awareness about this and also actively trying to learn new ways to be more sustainable too.

Saloni Pai Raikar, software engineer, Panaji

Ever since childhood most of us have heard that nature is in some serious need of help. With all the industrialisation and daily work at hand, we have not been able to help nature at large. This World Environment Day, I am going to make the most of the prevalent social restrictions and not move out unnecessarily and do my part by not harming the environment through vehicular exhaust and pollution. The change has to start somewhere and must be followed as much as possible, not just for a day.

Anushka Sharma, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

Currently there’s a lot of focus on sustainability and getting back to farming. Through the Forca Goa Foundation, we will continue to teach children we work with the importance of waste management and segregation and hope to develop a program this year where we can teach children the joys of growing their own food.

Nathaniel D’Costa, senior manager – Community Football, Forca Goa Foundation

Through ‘The Ugly Goan’, an NGO founded by my friend Clyde Tellis and I, we are planning many cleanup drives and expanding our team to reach out to more people across the state and spread the message of saving the environment. I will be making more documentaries about wildlife and the planet on my channel, and reducing my carbon footprint by using reusable bottles and off stepping travel miles by getting more trees planted. Both these on an organisation and personal level will make a huge difference if everyone does these few simple things.

Kabir Naik, filmmaker, Taleigao

This lockdown has got many of us thinking about how we can adopt a more sustainable lifestyle while also encouraging our children to do the same. The monsoons are here. This is the ideal time to plant trees and other plants, be it in the garden or in pots. I’m encouraging my children to pot plants and take care of them. There is joy in watching a plant grow and flower. I also encourage my children to avoid single-use plastic even if it may seem convenient. Instead it’s better to opt for stainless steel and glass containers. Plantation drives along the highways and areas around Healthway Hospital are a good initiative we aim to follow. Measures are also being implemented at the hospital to go paperless by introduction of IT measures. Water conservation and rainwater harvesting are measures we all need to adopt to replenish the water table. At the residential complex where I reside we follow segregation of waste at our home and colony level and disposing of wet waste to create composting which is used as a natural fertilizer for plants. Thanks to that our colony has wonderful green spaces where children and adults can play and go on long walks. And lastly, I am an avid cyclist hence have encouraged my children to take up cycling. Encouraging non-motorised vehicle options such as cycles and electrical bikes are a good option to alternate means of transportation.

Pankaj Naik, consultant anaesthesiologist and intensivist, Healthway Hospital

Contribution to nature means contribution to our own life. Plant a tree, gift a sapling. We can do lot due to this lockdown. Start from your home: Start a garden, grow a flower in a flower pot or plant and care for a sapling. Protect and help to fertilize public trees and gardens. Keep your roads clean. Say no to plastic. Get your society to separate dry waste and wet waste. If possible get your society a solar power projects or garbage composing. Encourage everyone to plant at least one tree and care for it. Arrange competition on social media such as planting a tree and taking selfie with it.

Uttam Dayanand Parsekar, Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi