Bryce D’souza

Alone, I sit one day looking at the skies thinking of what it is to live in a village filled with so many countless trees and birds out there and the skies which are filled with sadness and gloom, waiting to pour in their sorrows upon me when suddenly I decide to take a stroll around my village to let go off the loneliness and isolation that characterizes this place.

As I set off for my short stroll around the ward, I notice two houses, abandoned by their owners sadly with the ongoing disputes and quarrels over the years and have now left them to turn into endless swathes of overgrown jungles and forests with all the possible creatures one can ever think of existing.

As I tread along the lonely pathway in my village, I can feel the jitters and the scares within me, with everything so quiet, so peaceful, filled with the sense of tranquillity and solitude but at the same time scary with nobody out and about in the village lanes and by lanes by late evening. There is not a soul to be found on the village lanes, nor even a sound to be heard from the houses with just the occasional sound of the birds chirping and the breeze blowing against the trees.

As I move out and about on my short stroll, I notice what appears to look like a small storeroom now after so many years. It brings to memory what was earlier once upon a time a small grocery shop that used to operate but is now no more to be seen. There is yet another house, looking really nice and beautiful but once again has been abandoned by its owners and has been left to have a natural death of its own with the overgrown weeds and wild plants that surround it all.

I finally end my journey but with a smile coupled surprise on seeing that on the small patch of land that was left abandoned many years ago, there is finally going to be a house coming up very soon, not very far from my house! So I’m eagerly waiting and excited on welcoming the arrival of the new neighbour to my village to take away the loneliness and despair that otherwise fills this village.

(Writer is a student at St Xavier’s College, Mapusa)