Rarely do colleges have short-term certificate courses, on campus, for students to enhance their skills. NT KURIOCITY asked the Goan youth whether colleges should have pocket-friendly, short-term certificate courses

Apart from regular college syllabus, colleges have to offer short-term certificate courses. It’s always wonderful to acquire knowledge and learn new things. A certificate programme can give students a platform to improve their talents, facilitate continuous learning and help them make an appropriate career choice, improving their skills, developing new ideas and innovation. Having a certificate is vital and of a great value also to acquire a job since it can be included in the resume.

Tanisha Samant, Saraswat Vidyalaya’s Sridora Caculo College of Commerce and Management Studies, Mapusa

In order to keep up with today’s world one needs to develop additional skills and knowledge along with academics. A lot of students lag behind as they do not have professional communication skills. Some do have interests but they either have financial problems or the courses are inaccessible. I think it is a must for students as it develops one’s interpersonal skills and adds to their resumes.

Vaibhavi Nilesh Pai, Goa Business School, Goa University

I would say short-term courses are needed because after students finish with college they waste their time thinking about where to go and what to do. The introduction of short-term courses would help students showcase their talents and help them realise their potential, which will lead to them beginning with their careers. However, I also feel that this would affect their regular studies and make it difficult to manage time as well. Theory provides knowledge but practical work helps students grow in their career.

Glenn Almeida, Old Goa

According to me, students should have certificate courses at affordable prices since it can help them acquire new skills that can come in handy for the future. Having such courses in the college makes it easier to balance studies and activities. Such courses will also help students explore their interests and figure out what they’re good at, thus helping them build a better future.

Senova Fernandes, DCT’s Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar

Short- term courses would enable all students to discover and display their talents, skills creativity, etc. These courses also provide a valuable opportunity to test one’s interests and give one the best chance of finding the direction one wants to head in. It would bring a change from hectic college schedules and it would be a learning platform with a lot of fun.

Alleena Mathew, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

To survive in today’s competitive world we must gather as much knowledge as we can. As I’m an engineering student I can see that there are a lot of things other than technical knowledge that are required while working in an industry. Colleges must keep short-term certificate courses for students so that they can bridge the gap between industry and academics. These short-term certificate courses also act as an added advantage in resumes. Courses to develop communication skills are highly essential but all of this must be provided at a nominal charge so that all the students can take advantage of it.

Atharva Deshpande, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Short-term courses are really helpful in the long run. In fact now it’s become like an important requirement when one goes in search of jobs. It is these skills that an employer looks for. However these courses by private sectors are quite expensive. So, yes, if colleges affiliated to Goa University start with these courses at affordable prices then it would help students who aspire to enhance their skills especially in fields where youngsters can opt for self-employment. In fact, these should be included in the degree course syllabus.

Sarina Da Costa, Curtorim