Being human it was but natural
Of me to wish order everywhere..
In alignment to my symmetric self
To see the world a pattern bear…

Set out to categorise things
Boundaries I ended up making,
How sure I was, that to civilise
Humanity i was helping…

These boundaries gave people
And to me , immense pride
After all the chaos i thought
I had managed
To get peace on our side..

Now I said we have names to live for
A purpose to perceive who we are
But people had taken the fences too serious
Seeing foreigners as bizarre…

Their identity was only, they believed
Superior than every other
They would do everything it took
To paint the world their colour…

I can no more see the bloodshed
The brutal murder
Of my own kind
No more can I mute their pleas…

All these years, all these tears,
dear give me
Together let’s wash away
These boundaries….

My hand in yours
And yours in hers
Let’s lift us all united
I see no difference
No identity of my own
All win the war we never started

(Written by Kunjal Kalangutkar)