By Meeth Nagda

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’, I agree with this saying myself. Over the years, I’ve realised how friendships actually mean much more.

I personally value a friendship based on the quality of my bond with the person rather than the quality of the person. People with desirable traits by society standards don’t necessarily make good friends, I believe most of us can vouch for that. Likewise, I had a really strong friendship with a person I thought will be my only best friend.

True friendships are hallmarked by each member’s desire to engage with the other. It is all about mutual interest in one another’s experiences and thoughts. A real friendship requires reciprocity of admiration, trust, respect, emotional support, understanding and most importantly forgiving each other when one commits a mistake. Forgiving and understanding is what createsa powerful bond.

There’s no telling when and where a friendship will develop. Often, they arise from a shared interest, and people are typically drawn together because they’re in the same stage of life. Friendship is more like a lightning strike, sometimes you can be in a big group of people and catch someone’s eye, that’s instant friendship and sometimes it can be through daily communication.

According to my personal experience, friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not necessary that every friendship will last. Some people make friends because of their needs but some friendships which are true and real do exist. It’s not necessary that in order to be best friends we need to know that person for five years or more. Sometimes it just takes few months to get close to a person and make that person your best friend.

We have to make sure before we get close to a person or before we think that he/she can be my best friend, because one mistake in friendship is enough to ruin this bond. No matter how good we are to that person, how much we love them, care for them or prioritise them, one mistake is enough for them to forget all the good deeds we have done and they’ll leave forever.

One thing which breaks the bond of best friends is ego. I’m saying this because I’ve lost a true friend. My mistake was enough for that person to forget all the good things I’ve done and that one mistake was enough to ruin the entire bond. So always remember – if you want a friendship to last forever, never make a mistake which will make that person forget all the good things you have done.