The youth of today want easy avenues of education, money, materialistic pleasures, etc. NT KURIOCITY spoke to a few Goans to know how the youth can be made to understand the pleasure and pains of life so they are better trained for the future

Today’s youth has been finding easier ways to earn, be it online jobs or coming up with a YouTube channel. These are ways to earn money without going through the hustle and bustle that people have faced. YouTube channels and online jobs can mentally affect a person but they’re options that don’t require a lot of qualifications that a 9 to 5 job would need. I think they’ll be better trained for jobs if they take on internships and gain work experience. Parents and children ought to remember that in order to build a future you’ve got to sacrifice a lot and not be afraid to follow your passion. The youth are constantly turning their passions or hobbies into careers and these brave ones should be looked up to as role models. Infrastructure plays an important role in shaping the future. If the youth are hard working and doing what they love, there’ll be less pain as they’ll take pleasure in their job and be able to tackle hardships when they come, if any.

Nikita Sequeira,Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, Margao

Most of the youth today have got it all, easily. So can we blame the millennials completely for demanding? We belong to a different generation; have different needs and different facilities. Hence we cannot compare with the previous generations and their hardships. However, it is necessary to take inputs from elders about their experiences as it can prepare us to a certain extent. But just like the old generations learned in their time, the youth of today will do so in their own time.

Rabiya Shaikh, Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna

Honestly, the youth of today have their share of misfortunes. We do know the pains and pleasures of life and are very well trained for the future. It is high time that people learn, especially elders, that we are responsible and our problems compared to theirs are different and they need to stop belittling us about the atrocities they’ve faced. We all have different demons to face.

Finoshka Rodrigues, Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, Margao

Training anyone for future isn’t a feasible task, as no one has seen the future. But one can prepare them for possible situations. I feel if parents can share their experiences, the actions they took and the outcomes they faced, it will help the youth a lot. Young teachers in colleges, seniors and cousins with an age gap of 7-8 years in the field of interest are people who could help.

Biswas Tiwari, Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna

‘Youth often do not realise the pleasure and pain of life’ according to me, owes to the fact that we don’t converse with those who have more experience in the moral realm of life like grandparents and those who shaped their lives to be our role models. We want money, education, pleasure but most importantly we want it easily and hastily than ever before and our approach towards life is thus also fixed: temporary, momentary and materialistic. Parents play a central role in the process and allowing children to take up volunteer work, encouraging social service activities like beach cleaning helps instil values of selflessness and non materialism. Goa, with the rise in casinos, pubs and bars, certainly avert the youth, but proper counselling, guidance, self deliberation and gaining firsthand opinions of others experiences can be a catalyst and help us prepare for the future.

Andria Ruby Antao, Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar

The youth are captured by the technical world, which is not really a bad thing but being addicted to it can be one. Technical support makes things easy for all teens when it comes to studying through online videos. I think the youth should be given proper guidance and warned that not everything comes easy in life. And we have to hustle to earn and be successful. We don’t have to be used to these things, they came easily and they will also go easily. Hard work is the real key to success and this is should be fixed in all of our minds. In my opinion making mistakes helps one make better decisions in the future. So let today’s youth learn from their experiences.

Ruhi Morjkar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Firstly the youth have to understand their strengths and use them to tackle their problems. Avoiding the problem and distracting yourself with things that give you short-term pleasure isn’t a good idea. Today’s youth are avoiding problems and until we learn to face it, we will continue to suffer. Parental influence plays a very important role in relation to developing the concept of money and success in adolescents and youths. Good academic results, outstanding sports performance and harmonious family relationships are needed. Another thing the youth should keep in mind is to value their relationships. A lonely person is a miserable person. Youngsters have to understand how important it is to have strong, healthy relationships. Always take the time to see and talk to your family, friends or significant other.

Ashwin Carlos Costa, Legal advisor, Ponda

We need to realise that the pains and pleasures of life play an important role in determining our future. Most of us try to take the easy way out, go in search of materialistic pleasures and avoid the path that may cause hardships and pains. Every decision we make relates to whether we think it will bring pain or pleasure. We need to experience the opposite end of the spectrum sometimes to be able to truly recognise and appreciate happiness and everything else we already have. Although we face ups and downs, it always helps to ask elders for help, as they have multiple experiences that could help us in numerous ways. We learn history to prevent the mistakes done in the past and to act wisely to shape our future.

Jude Barreto, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

I don’t think today’s youth demands easy avenues. We strive for what we demand. We’ll pull up all nighters and when we don’t get what we want, we rebel. We might procrastinate till the very last second but we come through. We realise the competition and we strive for perfection. Initially it might have been just our parents putting pressure on us, but now we know where we stand and what we need to do to have the upper hand. We know our potential. In every aspect of our life, our social life being one of them, we try to do our best and expect nothing but the same back. We don’t need to be pressured, we don’t need more obstacles. So no, no matter how eminent it seems to the adults that the youth are lazy, careless and laidback and they need to make our lives more miserable, they don’t have to. It already is, we know, we fight through it every day.

Braven S Barreto, from Navelim studying at NITTE, Mangalore