by Tia Rajesh Chodankar

If everything was all right in the world
With no leaps of faith, no twists or turns…
But it isn’t, and all we can do is
Hope for the best, and change things while we’re at it!

If only we could snap our fingers
And make things better
Maybe take a break, have a Snickers,
But life still sets more problems to solve!

If life wasn’t unfair sometimes
And maybe, some people start being kind
Instead of being happy we try to rewind
Thinking about the past and all those happy times.

If only we could decide our own destiny
And be like birds, wild and free!
Yet birds are locked up too,
People can be real nincompoops!

If only we could change things in no time,
And have a smoothie
Maybe flavoured with lemon and lime
But miracles like these are only seen
In cartoon shows and children’s daydreams!

If these thoughts were really true
Then life would be easy to sit back and enjoy too!

(Writer is a class seven student at Sharada Mandir School, Miramar)