With elections just around the corner, youth wings, members of political parties who undertake youth related programmes, are trying their best to mobilise and influence youngsters. NT KURIOCITY spoke to a few youngsters to know how they think youth wings impact young voters

Only a youth can understand another youth’s problem. Political parties in Goa plan manifestos in concern with overall development which excludes youth totally, therefore such wings help in bridging the gap between youth and the democracy of our country. Youth wings give an opportunity to the new generation to decide their good and bad. But if we look around today, this is actually not happening as the wings focus on ‘party’ and not actually the youth. I believe in ‘Kuch naya socho aur youth ki tarah socho’.


Steffi Cardoz, drama and personality development trainer, Ponda

Political parties need to visualise the role of youth wings beyond the scope of a foot soldier. They should have clear autonomy to address any issues pertaining to young demographics. Meritorious members eventually should be given a chance to fight election for local bodies or even higher office. Further, to enable youth to make a real difference – elevation and decision making power at the main organisation has to be strongly backed by party constitution.

Ramrai Naik, Goa University 

Youth wings consist of youth, and youth will try and influence others to vote for a particular political party. Under peer pressure, youth tend to vote without thinking about pros and cons, thus overall leading to biased voting. This helps politicians to make a place for them in the field of politics. Hence, political parties provide lots of support and money to these youth wings so that there is a vote bank and they are eventually sure of a victory.

Rajat Kerkar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Youngsters are needed in politics as they are the future of the country. They must get involved and pull in other youngsters as well. The new generation is broad minded hence there are no barriers like religion. Therefore people can come together to share their ideologies irrespective of any factor. Each youngster can bring in change with their vote and influence peers too.

Atul Fatania, SS Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Cujira

I think youth leaders from political parties do change the mindset of young voters, sometimes in favour or against. Youth wings have the capability of convincing young voters by making them aware of all the pros and cons of various parties, schemes and projects. Sometimes they see that a particular party is working for the youth and is by the youth and will vote only for that one particular party without looking back and forth. But on the other hand one may get different views on benefits given to youth.

Yash Madkaiker, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Youth wings impact a certain sector of young voters and they have a sense of connection and understanding with and about the youth leaders. I also feel that the young leaders will try to bring about a change and contribute in a large way towards development of the state and beyond. Watching the political scenario and knowing about the different scenarios across the country, I believe the youth will create an impression. I hope the coming elections bring about a better and stronger nation.

Nauman Shaikh, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

We all know how influential the youth of today are. They can make anything a trend. In this way, I think voting is also now a part of the trend, where the youth portray power by being able to vote. However, they must understand why and for whom they lead this action and not blindly follow youth wings.

Sharlaine Menezes, Don Bosco College, Panaji

Half of the youth who vote don’t know youth wings exist. Rather they say they don’t like politics. But if we go to see, it has a more positive effect on young voters. Many of their friends who are active in youth wings keep them updated about the social schemes and other welfare programs on such platforms. Even injustice and crimes are brought to the attention of authorities. On the other hand, many misuse the powers they are made to handle.

Utpal Sahakari, Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna

I feel that youth wings of political parties are taking an undue advantage of their rights to represent the young generation for their personal benefit. As the Election Commission is making it a point to enlighten our generation about the power of our individual vote, the youth wings tend to push their respective parties down our throats by using petty indulgences and baits. And the youth, as a disappointing matter of fact, fall prey to it too, which is extremely detrimental to the very ideals of our democracy. The present functioning and principles of the youth wings of political parties are of a questionable advantage.

Kedar Dicholkar, Goa Engineering College, Ponda

Youngsters are slowly making their faces known with regards to political careers before hand. Youth who are involved in any political party know their stand in leadership. Youngsters who are actively participating in social activities are the ones who are very passionate about creating their face value. As far as the election is concerned voting the right candidate is the best choice for a better tomorrow.

Prajyot Pandurang Verlekar, Colvale