By Vidal D’Costa

Meet Mrs Nagu, the intolerable saas,
Who won’t tolerate any bakwaas!

Forever harassing her Westernised bahu,
Treating her like a slave who must constantly cover her head with a pallu!

Touch my feet, massage my feet!
Poor bride is often not allowed to eat or breathe!

An’ if bahu dear births instead of a boy a girl,
The choicest of gaalis at her she’ll hurl!

Blood sucking Raakshas, she’ll drink poor bahu’s blood- every quart,
An’ when she wants more dowry, to domestic violence she’ll resort!

So, to every mum in law, don’t be a Mrs Nagu.
Don’t be a hard-arse an’ please go easy on your bahu.

Give her freedom an’ don’t stop her from working after marriage,
An’ if all goes well, ya won’t end up with a scornful bahu who poisons your porridge!


(Writer is a second year English major at Parvatibai Chowgule College)