Most of us eagerly wait to celebrate special days be it birthdays or any other occasions. With April 1 around the corner, NT KURIOCITY spoke to a few youngsters to find out if they are looking forward to April Fools’ Day and their reasons for the same…

Yes, I do look forward to April Fools’ Day. I remember having been fooled by my friends in my childhood. I can recall one instance when I called all my friends over for a ‘party’. I sent them an invite with photographs of the arrangements only to have them come and find my door locked.

Huzefa A Ujjainwala, PES’s Rajaram and Tarabai Bandekar College of Pharmacy

Yes. Even though we are rational beings, we fool and get fooled all through the year. Thus, it’s interesting to have a day set apart just to fool someone. Right from my school days, this day has always fascinated me and it brings a grim to my face every time I think of it. During school days, fooling a friend by saying ‘teacher is calling’ was a great achievement. Now as we grow older it’s not just about fooling but also recollecting the silly things we did and laughing at ourselves.

Infancio Pires, teacher, Carambolim

No, because for me it doesn’t make a difference which day of the month it is. I think it shouldn’t matter to others too because I do not understand the importance of fools day. Is one classifying people based on if they are fooled or not by pranks? As a fun activity it is okay but sometimes I’ve seen people jeopardise others’ lives for a prank so that they can prove that they’re capable of fooling you. If April 1 is really a fool’s day then I would love to celebrate it by spreading knowledge so fewer people are fooled every day.

Hari Budke, Vasco

I love April Fools’ Day. It can be really good fun. I love playing tricks on people and I don’t mind if people play tricks on me. It is one day in the entire year where one can be really silly and have a laugh, and it is okay. You have to be quite sensible for the other 364 days of the year, so I look forward to April 1. It’s also the day when you can do weird stuff and get away with it. Though April Fools’ Day is quite popular among youngsters, the older generation are no exception.

Siddhant Subhash Khandeparkar, Goa Engineering College, Ponda

Being the prankster that I am, I definitely look forward to April Fools’ Day. It’s always fun to prank a person, but it’s a bigger achievement when he/she has been fooled on April Fools’ Day. Everyone is extra careful so as to not become the ‘April Fool’. You can either fool or get fooled. Though at the end of the day it’s just fun and laughter and the pranks often make for hilarious stories which will be told over and over again.

Gayatri Joshi, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

I don’t always look forward to the day unless I am in the mood to fool someone. And while doing do so I ensure I know the person very well so that my prank doesn’t hurt the person. Finally, it’s very important to take jokes positively and those who do so make the day wonderful.

Devesh Naik, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

I do. I find it hilarious when I tell my friends a truth which I otherwise wouldn’t have, and they pass it off as a lie or a prank. Hence, I take the opportunity to shoot my many confessions and let them be brushed away in plain sight. That won’t work anymore after this though!

Ninad Tengse, National Institute of Technology Goa

I am for April Fools’ Day if it is kept within limits. Having been pranked and made fun of is often rude and insulting to some people. However, it is also exciting and fun to use the innovative ideas and methods to prank people these days. It only gets harder to do so with time.

Venkatesh Shenvi, KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum

We all know April Fools’ Day is filled with pranks and fun. On a lighter note it’s very enjoyable but on a serious note it can turn risky because emergencies could arise and one may think it is a prank which later leads to regret. Personally I’m not in favour of this day.

Anila KP, Graduate Tutor, Parvatibai Chowgule College, Margao