by Rhea Choyikandi

On a very lovely day, I went to play in the Central Park with my cousins and parents. My parents walked holding each other’s hands. My cousins and I jumped and played hide-and-seek all around the park. We enjoyed our play a lot. We had so much fun that we did not realise that it had become evening. The watchman warned everybody that the park was about to close. We immediately stopped our game and left the park. We did not want the watchman to kick us out.

We went to a nearby restaurant to have dinner. My dad ordered some pizza and soft drinks. We ate happily and then paid the bill. As we were about to leave, we heard a noise. Then we saw some people terrified and hiding below the tables. The service staff at the restaurant rushed and closed the entrance and exit doors. They were looking out of the windows and were warning us of danger. Some people were screaming, “Help! God please help us!” I went and asked the service staff as to why people were so scared. And that’s when we were shocked!

An UFO, red in colour, had landed and made a big hole in our favourite park. Suddenly a ladder dropped down from the UFO and a very scary looking alien family came down. The aliens saw the service staff peeking out of the window. In a flash of a second, they reached next to the entrance of the restaurant and started to knock on the door. After three knocks, they suddenly disappeared! There was silence for a while. Suddenly they appeared behind me. “Ahhhhh! Oh nooooooo!” we began to scream.

My family and I ran towards all the other people. A minute later, we were all trapped in a big blue bubble. The aliens started to speak. They were introducing themselves. They said: “Me Moma”, “ Me Famo”, “Me Lapo”. Then one of them said in English “We have lost our way to the moon. Can you help us?” I gathered courage and pointed towards the moon in the sky. The alien gave a freaky but sheepish smile and gave me what looked like a lucky charm. They then, suddenly disappeared and so did the big blue bubble. After some time, the UFO slowly flew up and then with a great force it disappeared. People came up to me and said: “You are so brave! Thank you!” I felt really good.

Then I saw that after the UFO was gone, the hole in the Central Park was magically repaired. I was very happy but then the whole place turned dark. I could not see a thing. I tried rubbing my eyes. When I opened them, I saw that I was lying on my bed. “Phew! After all it was just a dream.” And then I felt something in my pocket.

“Oh no!” It was the lucky charm from the dream. I became so scared and ran downstairs to my mother. Then I heard my parents deciding to go to Central Park…

Oh no!

(Writer is a class 6 student at Sharada Mandir School, Miramar)