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KTC signs agreement to introduce RFID-based payment system for pass holders

PANAJI: The Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd (KTC) has signed an agreement with a consortium of firms for

‘adopting’ the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology-based payment system for the commuters using pass for travelling.

The contract would make the state of Goa a ‘demo’ state, for other state-run transport corporations to follow suit.

According to the agreement, a private firm, which is into the development of RFID technology, will operate the system at no cost and no commitment basis, only to showcase their electronic ticketing system.

The use of RFID technology in state-run public transport corporations for making ticket payments is new in the country, and so the company chose Goa, being  small  in size, to ‘conduct technology experiment’ with the hope to get contracts from Karnataka and Maharashtra transport corporations, operating large fleets of buses on various routes.

The trial run of contactless RFID-enabled card payment system for the pass holders, which would make  the KTC the first transport corporation in the country and Goa the first state to ‘introduce’ the system, will be launched by December- end.

The automatic bus fare collection system will ease the payment process for the passengers and receipt  process for bus conductors.

Kadamba officials said that the company, which was expected to launch the system this month, will now be launching it next month as it has been asked to customise the software for accepting payment on point-to-point routes.

The application, which is in the final stage of development, will enable the passengers contactless card payment while buying tickets by swiping a debit or charge card.

Around 18,000 passengers travelling on fixed intra-state routes using passes will be given RFID cards to travel, and for non-pass holders, who travel on any routes, will be offered charge cards with a top-up facility and there will be also an additional option to buy tickets using debit card with just a single swipe.

Whenever a pass holder would get into Kadamba bus he/she would have to swipe the card in the RFID reader and his/her destination point in the device will automatically calculate the fare and deduct the money automatically.

And, so, the  people would not have to carry money or stay in queues and wouldn’t have to face the problem in giving the right change to conductor.

The system would generate details of passenger – ID, name, starting place and destination place, and  the amount utilised for travelling besides balance amount, and also acknowledge every swipe passenger makes, through SMS.

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