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Konnak Patieupachem


‘Konnank Patieupachem’ the new tiatr from Francis de Tuem, is of those aged men, deserted in old age homes. Some have children, while others have no one to look after them.

Bruno waits longingly for a call from his son. The son does not bother. He is too busy with his family in the States. When Bruno calls the son, he is subjected to many abuses. Sammy only has memories of a rich life that he and his family enjoyed. Till he made a mistake, that cost him his entire happiness. Tony is the strong one. He reads newspapers and keeps abreast of all the political developments. Looking after these three men is the nun, Sister Agnetha. The past and present happenings in the lives of these men are recounted. Many politicians are also taken to task and the ungrateful, treacherous children are rebuked.

What happens in the main story is interesting, as the old men go about their life.  Aplon does a fine role of the nun which is beautifully enacted. There is good acting from Marcus Vaz as Bruno and Peter de Benaulim is aptly cast as Sammy.   The pick is Moses as the hard hitting Tony who is quite convincing as the angry old man, who has plenty of complaints.  Benzer does well as the cruel ungrateful son.  Jimmy plays a couple of roles, quite funny at times. There are some good humorous moments when Sheikh Amir and Bhingi perform.  However, the humour provided by Roshan, Ambe, Brian and Richard, is at times quite vulgar.

James and his troupe provide the music. Benzer renders the opening song. There are songs by Roshan, Xavier Gomes, Marcus Vaz, Brian, Richard, Peter, Lawry Travasso and Peter de Arambol. The solo about a recent incident on the beach in South Goa is timely.

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