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‘Khell’, the new tiatr from Alexin and Lorna de Morjim is a twisted tale of a corrupt and selfish politician, who has no qualms about sacrificing even his beautiful family to get his wants.

“Whatever I want, I have to get’,” says Melvin Mendes the minister. Be it someone’s land, possessions or even daughters. His wife Valencia is a God fearing lady, who always cares for others. Their son Frazer is in love with Anneli, daughter of Philip an upright cop with principles. Raju is the PA to the minister, Dhakttu is his son and Carmu, the girl he wants to wed. Into the minister’s life enters Larya, a young girl and the minister plans on using her for wrong things. But she is a tough girl and does not let off so easily. This is just the beginning! Watch the drama that unfolds on stage, with many twists, as it reaches the climax. The characters narrate a tale of love, murder, betrayal and the final justice from God, who has a plan for each of us.

This is an interesting tale recounted with a fine script and slick direction. The play entertains and instructs. God’s plans cannot be changed; humans cannot play a game with these plans. There are good songs on various topics, a fine background by Alex and a nice set by Kapil Chari. The actors are cast right. Lorna does well as the understanding, soft spoken and caring Valencia and Anneli does a nice role of the son’s loving wife. Valini is great as Larya, tough and selfish, yet vulnerable at times. Cyril Fernandes after playing many roles of a good person, displays versatility in style as Melvin the evil minister. Frazer is the son, quite apt as the unsure youngster, Peter Rodrigues is great as the tough cop, and Connie, Aires and Jose play important roles. The comedy is clean and humorous, with Alexin as Raju, Fatima as Carmu and the talented Frenwin as Dhakttu. The three are quite a handful.

Domnic (trumpet), Minguel (saxophone), Alex (keyboard), Manuel (bass), and Peter (drums) back the songs. The opening is rendered well by Peter de Arambol. There is a variety of good enjoyable songs. Solos each by Avila, Roque, Aires and Anthony, a duo for the nuns by Anneli with Avila, a duet by Alexin-Lorna and a hard hitting political trio by Connie-Alexin-Frazer are the pick. The young Jonas Fernandes renders a fine solo, appropriately composed for the kids. This is a great drama. Don’t miss it.

‘Tanchi Chuk Kosli’

Kissan de Chinchinim, has been known for dramas with different themes. This time he narrates the implications of dysfunctional families and the consequences faced. ‘Tanchi Chuk Kosli’ is directed by Frankito Nunes and is very well presented.

In the tiatr, Renwick’s wife Rizela has left him, to be with Dylan her former lover. Their two daughters are separated, Vania is with the father and Kate with the mother. The parents do not make any attempt to solve the problem and blame each other. They point out each other’s faults to the children. Renwick’s dad Herculano, wants his son to be happy. Dazica is employed to look after Vania and help in the house. The father hopes that his son and Dazica will eventually fall in love and all will be well. But she too has a problem. She has been deserted by her husband and this fact is not told to Renwick. Watch what happens later on stage, as the blame game continues.

This is a nice script and presented well with good direction. Add to this the acting, humorous comic situations and the songs makes for some good entertainment with a message! Anthony de Ambajim provides the sets with light effects from Luis. Meena Goes heads the cast as Dazica. She plays the serious role with plenty of conviction and dresses well. Grizelda plays the harsh Rizela while Alia and Dhurva are the two precocious daughters. Joel is the tragic Renwick, Tony plays Signmund and Ubaldo impresses as Dylan.

Justiniano does the role of the father with lots of dignity and Ashok is great as the cop. The comedy has Sybolia as the fisherwoman. She has great dialogue delivery, creating plenty of fun and laughter, along with Sardon who is an amusing cheat with a
good heart.

Agnelo, Francis (trumpets), Alnoy (keyboard), Joman (great on bass) and the young lady Fevila (drums) back the various songs. Ninoshka renders the opening song well and later returns for a solo. There are other songs by Mini Mario, Alika, Meena, Maquenzi, Meena, Sybolia, Ubaldo, Anthony Carr and others. Solos by Tony on matka and Freddy Innocente on abortion, stand out. Do watch this tiatr!

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