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Kamat wants Army to handle COVID hospital



Maintaining that time is running out as far as the COVID-19 transmissions in Goa are concerned, and the government, therefore, needs to act fast, leader of the opposition Digambar Kamat on Saturday demanded that government should immediately hand over COVID-19 hospital management to the Army in view of the three more COVID-19 deaths reported in the state today.

“Goans need action plan on controlling further spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19 infections,” he added, pointing out, “Immediate action is required to ensure that all the COVID-19 patients get hygienic and quality food with clean drinking water, and are provided with comfortable facilities.”

“As the COVID-19 death toll now reaches double digits with three transmission-related deaths reported in less than 24 hours, and disturbing reports coming from the patients as well as

the relatives of all those admitted in COVID-19 hospital at Margao and other COVID-19 care centres about gross mismanagement, I want to ask the government with heavy heart ‘How many more deaths government needs now to show sensitivity towards COVID-19 patients so as to provide proper, safe and secure food and other facilities,’” the leader of the opposition questioned.

“I demand that the government must immediately hand over the COVID-19 hospital management to the Army before more damage is done to the innocent people,” Kamat said, informing that he had asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as Chief Minister Pramod Sawant as early as in March to form a task force comprising of experts from the civil society and Army to handle the corona pandemic.

“However, the government did not pay any attention to it,” he mentioned, adding that at least now when the government has realised the necessity to seek help from Army, it is important not to waste any more time.

Speaking further, the leader of the opposition said that it is worrisome to see the photos of pathetic condition of the COVID-19 hospital going viral. “The government must take corrective steps immediately,” he noted.

Kamat also demanded that the government, at the earliest should release a White Paper on corona pandemic in Goa.

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