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KA opens entries for 41st Tiatr ‘A’ group Competition

Kala Academy has opened entries for the 41st Tiatr ‘A’ Group Competition (2015-16). Entries have to be submitted latest before 5 p.m. of September 3. The copy of the rules and regulations along with entry forms are available at the Programme and Development Section of Kala Academy.  Filled in entry forms, entry fee and security deposit have to be submitted latest by 5 p.m. of September 3. Additionally, participating institutions are also required to submit registration/renewal certificate along with entry form.

The draw to decide the sequence of performance will held on September 3, at 5.00 p.m., in the KA meeting room. All the 13 groups that participated in the last year’s 40th Tiatr ‘A’ group Competition 2014-15 have been retained in the ‘A’ group year too. The top three groups from last year 1st Tiatr “B” groups are qualified to participate in this year 41st Tiatr “A” group competition.

As per rules of the competition, participating institutions will have to pay `100 as entry fee and an amount of  ` 1,000 as security deposit, which will be refunded immediately after the performance. Only those institutions withdrawing within the stipulated five days will be eligible for refund of their security deposit.

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