Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Justice Denied To Pehlu Khan

Murder of an innocent person is perhaps the most agonizing thing for anyone to accept. Imagine what could be the anguish of the next of kin who have seen their near one being mercilessly butchered for no fault of his. The greatest consolation for the relatives left behind is to ensure that the guilty are handed the exemplary punishment under the law. We have seen in such cases how the family reacts when instead of awarding the anticipated capital punishment it is reduced to life imprisonment. In this context it is extremely heart breaking not just for the kinsmen but for all of us who swear by the scales of justice that the six men who were accused in the sensational lynching of Pehlu Khan a cattle transporter by the cow vigilantes at Alwar-Rajasthan in April 2017, who later died due to multiple injuries, were acquitted by the additional district judge for lack of adequate evidence thereby warranting benefit of doubt to the accused. We cannot blame the judge, for the judgement is based squarely on how well the investigation is carried out and how convincingly the prosecution puts up the case. When there is failure on the part of these agencies due to whatever reasons, not worthy to be specified here, the beneficiaries are the hooligans, which is like rubbing salt on the wounds of those pleading for justice. But why was the investigation carried out in such slipshod manner? Even when there was a video clipping of the merciless assault how is it that the culprits were not identified? In the order the judge has noted that the police investigation had serious flaws. Before his death, Pehlu Khan had named the people who had launched the murderous assault on him but they were not charged. 


Kudos To Police For Cracking Death Case

The Vasco police have done a commendable job in cracking the case of the death of the seven-year old boy who died under mysterious circumstances during the Vasco Saptah fair. Persistent investigation by the police in solving the case did bear fruit in just five days. Police personnel from Verna, and Dabolim police stations and some NGOs were also engaged in the interrogation of the 11-year old balloon seller who spilled the beans. What has made the case even more intriguing is that no one would have suspected a 11-year old to be involved in the case that too over asking sexual favours. The police were obviously running out of time as it would have been almost impossible to track down the culprit after the vendors at the fair had dispersed. 


Abysmal Condition Of Goa Roads

Roads and highways in the state have always featured as regular topics of conversation among people. But never more so than during the rains! While admitting that the developmental works in progress across Goa have thrown commutation on the major routes helter-skelter, it must be said that some of the lesser used roads have seen better days. While some desperately cry for a coat of bitumen, the pockmarked appearance of quite many others is a testimony of the deplorable conditions that a commuter has to put up with. Potholed surfaces are the ‘handouts’ of modern day civil engineering techniques which enhance with every passing year. Besides taking a toll on the physical characteristics of the drivers, potholed roads can knock a vehicle out of alignment and potentially damage other suspensions or engine parts. And we are paying hefty amounts as road tax! Moreover, maneuvering over such thoroughfares puts one at the risk of accidents. So when they are a risk for both man and machine, why are the authorities turning a blind eye to such travelling travails! If the sight of construction equipment and road-rollers piling rubble into the depressions is anyone’s idea of road repairs, it is time the department of public works woke up to the hardships that assail the commuting public. But for that matter the PWD as the concerned authority for tender procedures for road works is known to take a very partisan stand when it comes to the execution of the jobs. Allowing the contractors to get away with slip-shoddy works, the engineers at the PWD should be held responsible for the gross negligence that inevitably causes misery later for the travelling public. These days, traffic moving at a snail’s pace on almost all the bridges across the state is a ‘tribute’ to the exemplary works which makes gaping holes and widening cracks on the asphalted surfaces a ritual feature.


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