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Joint Vigil on Spas

With the court orders in 2004, the cubicles where flesh trade thrived in Baina were removed but flesh trade is now spilling out everywhere in Goa. The recent ‘rescue’ of a Telugu actress from an upmarket city hotel revealed how well organised the trade has become. The number of ‘spas’ and ‘massage parlours’ raided by police in past few years for ‘rescuing’ women from sexual exploitation has been increasing. This of course also creates room for corrupt elements in the police force to make ‘protection’ money. Most of the women found engaging in sexual work were ‘rescued’ from ‘spas’ and ‘massage parlours’. The police department, the health department, the Pollution Board and other agencies which are entrusted with the task of regulating the ‘spas’ and ‘massage parlours’ have failed to keep a coordinated vigil on these establishments. The state government must call for a joint meeting of the concerned agencies and draft and implement measures that would stop brothels mushrooming everywhere behind the signboards of ‘spas’ and ‘massage parlours’.

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