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‘It’s MY LIFE’

‘It’s MY LIFE’

Roseferns new tiatr ‘It’s My Life’, tells of the drug trade prevalent in Goa today, with some corrupt cops directly involved in peddling, thereby destroying the lives of Goan youth.

A father has two daughters. Myra, the elder one is married to David, a cop. The younger Cia, has been a drug addict and peddler but with the help of her family and Mark, her lover boy, has come out of this addiction. The cop is often questioned by the old man as to why he does not do something about the drug trade in Goa. He claims, as he is not in the anti narcotics cell, drug peddling is not under his jurisdiction. Then one day, he is promoted and put in charge of this cell. What he does later forms the story of this tiatr that depicts the dark side of the law enforcers with Mark in close pursuit of the cop’s activities.

The writer director tackles the prevailing drug issue in Goa and the irresponsibility of the police. The young girl wants to kick the drug habit with the help of family and friends but the dealers want their money and will not let her be. And do the cops help? The tiatr moves on with the main story, the comic acts and has its share of songs. Light effects are timely and the band backs well. Joylita heads the cast as the young Cia. As usual, the young actress portrays well the emotions of fun as well as pain. Antonette plays Myra, the woman who trusts her husband to a large extent. Francisco is cast well as Mark, and draws applause for many dialogues. Roy Barreto is apt as the cop with a hidden agenda. Roseferns is the dignified father, a role he does in style. Raymond, Shane, Rojek have minor roles. The comedy has its moments. Joyel wants to save Goa, Nato can’t decide whether he is interested in his land or whether he wants to woo Dorothy, who is quite amusing as the daughter of a migrant, well played by Juvenal.

Theo, Selwyn, (trumpets), Tremson (drums), Rahul (bass) and Arif (keyboard) provide some good music. Joylita renders the opening song. There are other songs by Joylita, Antonette, Saby de Divar and others. Solos each by Rosario, Michael and Roseferns are the pick.

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