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It’s a meme world

Memes play an important role in today’s fast paced always connected life. There have been some memes that have been around for quite a long time and there are some that just die off within a month or less. NT KURIOCITY asked a few Goans about their favourite memes and why are they their favourite

My favourite trending meme is the ‘Two angry women screaming at the puzzled cat’. This meme has been trending for quite a long time and many relatable memes have also been created. This particular meme became popular because of the cat’s reactions to the plate of vegetables which they funnily call ‘vegetals’.  So many cat lovers including myself just enjoy looking at the various edited versions of this particular meme. Even though the two aren’t related in any way, it’s hilarious to see this combination of the women from ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and the cat from an Instagram account that goes by @smudge_lord. The cat’s owner has put up amusing and cute pictures of his now famous cat.

Joshua D’souza, resident of Mapusa currently residing in Hyderabad

My favourites are the ones with movie or TV references, for example the poster for Avengers ‘Avenge the fallen’ was used as a reference for John Wick and his dog. It connected two different movies and also made new memes possible for both franchises.

Muriel Godhino, Vasco

I don’t have any favourite memes as such. My favourite meme depends on its quality. Making memes about major events tends to garner more likes than other memes. Nowadays memes are changing, some make really ‘dank’ memes and some make memes by using a tweet and putting a corresponding picture below it. For example ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ memes are trending.

Amber Pereira, Benaulim

I find a lot of memes funny and sarcastic. Sometimes people do misuse these for their own propaganda. Over all these memes are supposed to be funny and in a way express something which we would rather not talk about. Sarcastic memes are my favourite.

Gautam Bhat, Taleigao

Memes are reproductions of moments that have passed. They play an important role in our life as they amuse people while they relieve moments. They also make serious life situations look funny and de-stress readers, therefore it influences our perceptions of situations with positive emotions. We tend to smile when we come across a life situation that was similar to a meme we have read. The life of a meme depends on the Zeitgeist of social media users. The more people can connect with the emotion and mood represented in a meme felt by people for a longer time, the longer the meme lasts and the more viral it becomes. My favourite memes are based on food, psychology, college life, friendships and music.

Leontia Fernandes, St Xavier’s College Mapusa

I like the memes on potholes and how they should be fixed. They are the biggest problem in Goa and every Goan can relate to the problem. This is always an ongoing crisis and the rains just add to it. These memes are my favourite because they don’t really solve the problem but at least now I can laugh at them. I would however, still prefer proper roads to travel on.

Gloann Carvalho, Britona

I use memes to explain physics and math concepts because students understand concepts perfectly and remember throughout their life. The three best memes are capacitor does not allow DC current to pass through but allows AC current why? Because AC can jump and pass; second: how do I look? Boy: tan C/sin C and last Einstein equation can be best remembered as Energy = milk x coffee square (E= MC 2).

Nilangi Netravalkar, Panaji

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