Thursday , 17 October 2019
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It is a great start that will get better: Amalraj



Goa Challengers were nearly there. In the end, the last push went missing and the roar from Chennai Lions was enough to let them past the spirit of Goa Challengers.

In a story of so close and yet so far, Goa challengers once again showed why they are the strongest challengers for the crown in their debut season of Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT) at the Thyagraj Stadium in New Delhi.

“We started very well and we finished well. Between the first game and the last, we slipped in the middle and had we put in a little bit more of pressure in the doubles match, the result would have come our way,” Amalraj Anthony, captain of Goa Challengers told The Navhind Times over the phone after the match.

“It was just that doubles game that made the difference,” added Amalraj.

“It was a very close match and there really wasn’t a big difference between the two teams. I think that as a team we are doing better than the others. This is just our second match and no team has taken any tie the way we have done. We have time to recover for our next match and that will be another story,” promised Amalraj.

“The women players in our team are the strong points that we lean on. They won both their matches and with them the teams finishing and starting is superb. They have shown in the last game and today that they are mentally very strong and that is an asset. It makes a big difference to have women of such character in the team,” stated Amalraj when asked to express himself on both the two wins recorded by two women.

“Despite today’s loss, we are confident that we are on our way of winning our maiden title on our debut because we are not only the strongest side on paper but on the table as well. We have a balance that most teams do not have. This is a great start that we have had and it will only get better as the competition intensifies,” concluded Amalraj.

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