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Is the 50th IFFI up to expectations?

I have been attending IFFI since 2015. And for those of us who have been attending the festival in since before expected more of this 50th edition, especially as far as the decor is concerned plus the way everything has been managed. But instead it felt like any other year. Also, everyone is facing the problem of not getting tickets. Initially there was no rush line and we had to raise our voice to get the rush lines back.

Pakhhi Bannerjee, Goa

This is my eight at IFFI. I have not seen many movies. But I feel that last year’s films were much better. Also, this year I do not see much movement, except for student delegates and they are coming here because they are students and their school or college tells them about it. While the general public can be found at music programmes and other activities I do not see them here in the theatres. There are some of the finest films from across the world at IFFI, but who knows about them? If you go to other cities, you will discover that people haven’t heard about IFFI. It has not reached the masses. And with the crores of rupees spent on the festival, they should have thought of something better so that more tourists are aware of it.

Vinod Naryanan, Bengaluru

This is my first time here. I came here to spend most of my time watching movies and having conversations with like-minded people, but I am not satisfied. Most of the movies I expected to watch were not there. Also some of the movie screenings are far away and to get back from there means having to skip some other movies which I was interested in watching.

Arif, Chennai

I just came out of Wagner Moura’s In Conversation session and it was amazing. Moura is the guy who played the character of Pablo Escobar in Narcos the television series on Netflix. The 50th edition of the festival has been pretty exciting with some great weather and you get to meet a lot of new people. You also get to see a lot of international cinema that we have not been exposed to. I’ve seen a lot of films. Two days ago, I saw the mid-fest film which was pretty good. Before that I watched ‘Stead’, which is one of the best movies I’ve seen. I had a connect with that boy and with Rusty, the horse. I love the festival.

Dhruv Dhawan, Delhi

This is my second year at IFFI and I feel that this year it has been very badly managed, and I am not happy as a delegate. The movies are very bad this year as compared to last year and a lot of movies have repeat screenings. A lot of good movies came out this year like ‘Jojo Rabit’ and ‘The Lighthouse’, but they have not been included. Also there is no free drinking water for delegates.

Karthik, Chennai

The festival is not what I expected it to be. I thought that there would be more celebrities and that they would allow us to interact with them. But yes, watching movies from around the world has been a good experience for us and we are enjoying that.

Vidyesh Jaide, Goa

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