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Is cancelling SEEs the right move?

Amidst coronavirus outbreak, Goa University decided not to hold Semester End Examinations (SEEs) for first year and second year students of the undergraduate general streams like BA, BSc and BCom, etc. The students will be allotted grades as per performance in the intra semester assessment (ISA) of the current semester. NT KURIOCITY asked a few students their thoughts on cancelling SEEs and promoting based on ISA marks

Since the time coronavirus news spread in Goa the first decision was institutions to be shut down. However, it wasn’t announced that the exams would be cancelled, later it was abruptly revealed that exams would be cancelled and students promote based of internal marks. I think it is appropriate because first and second year marks are not considered at end of the degree certificate. It’s the third year performance that gets counted. Even from employment and job perspective, degree certificate is given preference. When we think about students, there will be a few who might have their own transportation like bikes and cars, yet there are still a majority of students who come via public transportation which further leads to the spread of virus.

Prachita Joshi, Goa University

Looking at the situation, the world is in great crises where Goa too is affected by the COVID-19. Going to all extremes and taking the semester end examination by risking lives of many students is not required. In this scenario in my opinion cancellation of exams by the Goa University is a wise decision made and promotion of students based on their scores is the right move as no exam is important than the life of a student. However, this decision should be binding on all the courses across all the colleges in Goa.

Apurva Madkaikar, FY BA, Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Quepem

I think cancellation of exams is the right decision because after lockdown was declared most of the children stopped studying. Moreover, some lecturers did not finish the portion and even though they were taking online classes, they were could not clarify doubts.

Rustica Dsouza, SY, Sridora Caculo College of Commerce & Management Studies, Mapusa

Yes, promoting based on ISA marks is the right move. The semester system in Goa for graduation programmes emphasises continuous assessment. Hence, ISAs are held periodically to judge the student’s progress. Cancellation of one exam should not make a big difference in terms of final value added by the graduation course. With the current situation due to COVID it is important to safeguard the students’ health and safety. In fact, University should take the same approach for final year exams as well.

Sahil Nayak, Goa Business School, Goa University

Exams can bring a horrifying sweat to any student but it also judges you, knowledge and memory strength. However, I think exams should have been conducted because it was just a waste of efforts of students and teacher for past few months completing the syllabus. The exams should have been conducted once the situation normalised in Goa or exams should have conducted online. At least the students would have been busy learning the informative syllabus than being on social media during this quarantine period.

Benaz Bankipur, SY BA, Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Quepem

I think it is the wrong move. Students will become lazier now and they will not even touch their book during holidays. And this will eventually affect their reading and studying habits when colleges reopen. Also, it is quite possible that some students may have got less marks in ISA or practicals also did may not have gone well. So exams should have been conducted just like how it was held for class 12 students and is being held for class 10 students.

Vaishnavi Ambe, SY, Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Quepem

This is a fairly good decision taken by the government. Looking at the current situation of the virus spread in the State and country, the need for social distancing and taking other precautions becomes all the more crucial. By promoting students based on their internals would at least get half of them to the next semester. If this step wasn’t taken, ensuring social distancing at examination centres would lead to a chaotic situation. A large number of students using public transportation would also face a lot of difficulties in their travel.

Shara Naique, SY IMCom (Integrated Master of Commerce), SS Dempo College of Commerce & Economics, Cujira

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