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Influx of migrants linked to crime rise in South Goa

Shyam Zambauliker | NT



A massive influx of migrants has contributed to a number of cases related to crimes and it has become a concern for the resident population and the Salcete administration.

Cases of theft, burglary, sex trade, drug abuse, kidnapping etc, involving migrant workers, have been reported, especially from Colva and surrounding villages of Salcete.

A head constable, attached to Colva police station, said that the strength of constables in some police stations of Salcete is dismal, including Colva. He claimed that only 5 head constables are working at the Colva police station.

Investigation has revealed that the organised criminal behaviour of migrants, illicit trafficking and trade  have added to the problems.

Migrant workers are employed in almost all sectors of the economy.  In the past, they were mostly found in construction and agricultural sectors, but now almost every restaurant, workshop and petrol pump in the state has at least one migrant worker.

A senior police officer said that the increase in migrant workforce coming from other states has significantly resulted in several kidnapping cases involving children, besides other crimes against women. He said the number of street children and child labourers has also increased in Salcete villages, many of whom belong to migrant workers.

Police claim that verification of tenants, maids by sending their details to the head office in Margao has helped to a large extent in detecting cases.

As regards murder cases reported in South Goa district in 2017, the detection rate was 100 per cent. In 2017, in all, 18 murders took place of which all were detected; while in 2016, 16 murders were reported of which 14 were detected in the district. Over 70 per cent of the deceased and accused involved in these murders were migrants.

Further, in 2017, a total number of 9 attempt to commit murder cases were reported and all were detected; while in 2016, 8 such cases were reported and 7 were detected in South Goa.

Police said that most of the murders and violent crimes occur as a result of previous enmity, due to fights under the influence of alcohol or over property disputes or one-sided love affairs.

Murder has many motivations like money, interpersonal conflict, revenge and also love. But killers who deliberately commit their acts in public places are often motivated by revenge.

A police officer claimed that police stations from South Goa have detected a majority of murders reported from 2006 onwards. A police inspector said that detecting a crime and arresting a criminal is no doubt the main duty of the police but at the same time they need the cooperation from the public.


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