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Industry bats for Vibrant Goa summit

The Vibrant Goa Summit, to be held in the state in October 17-19, received a boost with the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) deciding to support the expo. This was disclosed by Manoj Caculo, the newly elected president of GCCI to the Vibrant Goa foundation (VGF) on Thursday, last week.

The GCCI letter said, “For  quite  some  time  now, the  Goan  economy  is  stagnant  and  no  good  fresh  investments  are  coming to  the  state.  The  Chamber  feels  that  something  like  Vibrant  Goa  is  very  much required to  help in  showcasing  Goa  as  a   good  investment  destination. Therefore, the Chamber will support any initiative that can benefit the  business community  in  Goa.”

The letter also stated that the managing  committee of the trade body during its meeting on July 3  had  unanimously  decided  to  support  the forthcoming expo. By way of support, the GCCI is likely to partner the event and assist in organizing various parallel festivals in the  state during the duration of the Vibrant Summit.

Vibrant Goa 2019 is based on the Vibrant Gujarat model which brings together global business leaders, investors, corporations, thought leaders, policy and opinion makers to understand and explore business opportunities in the state. So far, 195 overseas delegates have registered for the event. Road shows to the Far-East countries and Bhutan are scheduled in the month of July. At least 350 overseas delegates and a large number of Indian delegates are expected to take part in this first edition of Vibrant Goa Global Expo & Summit 2019. The Vibrant Goa foundation  is a public trust registered with the state government and the Niti Ayog.

The summit is being organised in partnership with the GCCI, Global Network, BNI, the state and the Niti Ayog. It is also supported by various local industry organisations besides the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC).

Vibrant summit’s are the latest among states to attract investments.

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