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Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar addressing delegates at the seminar on advances in shipbuilding technology at Defexpo, Quitol-Naqueri on Tuesday

India’s shipbuilding potential has to be rightly tapped: Parrikar


The Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, on Tuesday, said that India has a lot of potentiality in shipbuilding and added that it has to be rightly tapped by adopting and exploiting the newer technology.
Parrikar was addressing the delegates from various countries attending the Nirdesh — international seminar on ‘Advances in shipbuilding technology’.
The Defence Minister said that as far as defence is concerned, there are around 200 warships and sub-marines in the Indian Navy and Coast Guard and of them 30 are to be replaced.
“India is a peculiar nation, which is actually at its peak not only because of Make in India, but because it has a strong consumer base. I think that the advanced technology can assure a biggest shift,’’ he said.
The Defence Minister further said that the seminar would take into consideration the need of the country to improve contribution to the shipbuilding.
Parrikar was of the opinion that the major component of transportation should be through the waters, because it is the easiest, cheapest and safest, but sadly that has not been seen.
“Shipyards in India are in a distress at the moment. Many a time, the technology development and design capabilities are lost due to non-use or lack of commercial expertise. Defense should be linked with shipbuilding to ensure that the shipbuilding industry becomes robust. Technology can developed only if industry is healthy,’’ he added.
Vice Admiral P Murugesam said that India’s progress depends on oceans.
He further said that nearly 45 different types of ships including the fighter ships are under construction, adding that the Indian Navy is growing.
Other officials also spoke on the occasion.

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