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India safest country for minorities in world, says BJP’s Shahnawaz

Panaji: BJP national spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain alleged that the Congress party was behind the incidents in Jamia Millia Islamia University and Aligarh Muslim University and added that Congress members camouflage themselves and participate in such protests.

Addressing media on Wednesday in Panaji, the BJP leader said that the Congress, that has been facing defeats in the elections, is misleading the people and creating confusion over Citizenship (Amendment) Act as it does not have any other issue.

The BJP spokesperson reiterated that CAA is to give citizenship to the religious minorities from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan and not to snatch away citizenship. Hussain said that India is the safest country for minorities in the world.

 “The Congress party, which has lost elections, is instigating the Muslim community. It is behind the incidents that have happened in JMI University or Aligarh Muslim University,” he said.  Hussain said that Congress workers are disguising themselves (as students) and protesting using Indian flag, adding, many of those who are protesting do not know why they are protesting.

“The countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Bangladesh are harassing the people from Hindu, Christian, Parsi and Sikh faiths. Even today Christian girls are sold to China in Pakistan. When such people come to India, we have to give them citizenship,” he added.

The BJP leader said that in the entire country, the confusion is being created that the CAA is against Muslims, which is totally false.

“As a BJP spokesman, I am making very responsible statement that no Muslim would be thrown out of India. Prime Minister has already made it clear that Muslims need not be afraid in India. Similarly, Home Minister Amit Shah has clarified that CAA is not against any minority community,” he maintained.

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