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In a bid to nurture new and upcoming talent, an open-mic was organised at AJ’s, Fatorda. The event was open to individuals of all ages and walks of life, who could perform and execute their talents without the fear of being judged. The event was organised by standup comedian, Noah Martins (also known as ‘Noah from Goa’) and founders of popular meme page ‘Maiche Kazar’, Mitanshu Kavlekar and Eeshan Keni.

Speaking about the event, Noah said: “I wanted to start a series of open-mics to cultivate local talent in Goa and give young performers a platform to experiment, fail without consequences, and eventually find their style and passion. Maiche Kazar and AJs saw this vision and have been very helpful in making it possible through promoting and hosting the show respectively.”

The night witnessed ten standup comedians perform, some experienced and some first-timers, who spoke on topics such as current affairs, general experiences, the Goan life, etc. The night also saw performances by seven musicians. “It was a fun way for artistes to learn to face the crowd and make mistakes. It also was a great place to meet other artistes and learn what Goan youth have to offer,” said participant Blaine Alvares.

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