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The fifth season of the International Fashion Week (IFW) Goa was held at Cidade de Goa by Taj. It was presented by Max Fashion along with Mall de Goa. Managing director, Bhuvanish Shet; CEO, Williamm Xavier; director, Ashutosh Khandekar; director, Janardhan Bhandari; Desmond Oliveira and others were instrumental in making the event a success.

As part of the event, renowned fashion designers and brands showcased their designs. These included Max Fashion, Marks and Spencer, Sonia Jetleey, David, Philu Martins, Kishor, Aditya Tyagi, Meria Sinoj, Rajvi and Keyur, Vimal Lifestyle, Vastra Designing, etc.

Models showcasing the collections on the runway included Paula Joseane, Anukreethy Vas and Nakita Fernandes.

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