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A noted tiatr actress today, Comedian Anita is now all set to release her very own tiatr on January 1, 2020

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JP Pereira

Comedian Anita is a highly acclaimed actress on the Konkani stage today. She has performed well with various writers and directors, adding a certain charm and liveliness to the show and assisting them at times, in the script and direction.

But the Carmona born actress, who now lives in Rachol, recalls that although she has acted in a few carnival khell, she never took a serious interest in acting earlier

“My parents were not into tiatr although my grandfather Joaquim, did write plays for village shows,” she says.  Having first appeared as a substitute in Menino Mario’s ‘Sakrament Sambau’, she later acted for Peter de Macazana in ‘Konn Zait To’. But it was her role in Com Agostinho’s video film ‘Monday’, which catapulted her to fame. The talented young girl was noticed for her comic timing and the way she effortlessly played the main role. And Prince Jacob went on to offered her a role in ‘Rojea’. The tiatr was a big hit and the young lady established herself as one of the best comedienne on the Konkani stage. Her dialogue delivery was right on cue, and her timing and her style of dressing made her a crowd favourite. She was later cast by the same director in ‘Padr Juze Vaz’, ‘Rong’ and ‘Zaiat Zage’. Comedian Agostinho later picked her up to act in ‘Advogad’. There were also roles in tiatrs by Elvis Carmen, Comedian Sally, and others.

However, completing her education was important to her. Hence, she took a break from tiatr to do her BEd through the Nirmala Institute and MA through Goa University. She is now a Konkani teacher at St Xavier’s Institute in Curtorim. Anita soon returned to act for Roseferns and then joined the troupe of Francis de Tuem, where she played both serious and comic roles simultaneously, in some shows. ‘Reporter’, ‘Question Mark’, ‘Savdhaan Goa’ were big hits. Later she joined Mariano Fernandes in ‘Tujem Bhangar, Tujea Angar’. This director admits that she helped him in many departments of the stage, when the superb ‘CM’ was released. This was one of those intelligent tiatrs, which showed a marked contrast between bad and good governance.

Besides tiatr, Anita has acted in video films including ‘Ghutt’ the film that was adapted from a tiatr by the late C Alvares. “I have done comedy for musical shows in Goa and abroad, especially in the Gulf and have visited foreign countries like London, Portugal and others, to act in tiatr. When requested I write the script for comedy, in musical shows and tiatr too,” she says.

Anita is now all set to release her own tiatr on January 1, 2020. ‘Kanni’, her maiden production, is a tale of selfless love. The lady has written, directed and produced a package that promises quality entertainment. The cast has a number of comedians and other professionals but she has also roped in 12 of her talented students, to play various important roles. “Training these kids is a full time job but I have faith that my students will perform well. I only request the audience to come and appreciate their talent,” she says.

A perfectionist in whatever she does, she is ensuring that the cast give it their best.

“I thank God for this talent and aim to do well. The Konkani stage has to flourish. I try to give the audience good entertainment without vulgarity and something they will enjoy. With audience support, which is very important to me, I will continue working for the Konkani stage,” she says.

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