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Improving Quality Of Environment


One does not have to travel as far as Norway and Alaska to see some breathtaking natural spectacles. In the past few days the weather in Goa has not been less spectacular! Tending to dispel all notions of seasonal climates, the region is in the grip of a rare phenomenon where we have winter setting early dawn, scorching summer commencing mid-morning and the monsoon in its full fury from the evening every day. For state that is already in the throes of a health scare combating the woes of viral ailments brought about by various causes, the climatic vagaries in its wake are sure to usher in a host of other diseases. These days it has become common to have unseasonal weathers attributed to depressions over Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. While climatologists may not view these incongruous weather conditions as something that is unduly alarming, there is an immediate need to study these changing patterns and understand its long term implications on the region. Seeking to improve and protect the quality of the natural environment through changes to environmentally harmful human activities; the environmentalists on their part will always pinpoint the ecological imbalance brought about by man as the prime reason for the unnatural weather behavior witnessed in recent times. No doubt the need to preserve and prevent damage to our natural settings should be motivating mankind to shed its inhibitions. But are these ‘unique’ weather conditions the fallout of our unawareness! The modern generation is in a unique predicament experiencing the devastating impact of climate change and the loss of biodiversity. The sustainable use of natural resources does not seem to feature in its order of priorities. Waste management lessons are disregarded and flaunted with crass impunity. Experiencing the overwhelming effects of man-made left overs, our air, land, rivers and oceans are polluted to the maximum. It hence becomes essential that youngsters employ their creative minds to make conservation a priority, not just an option.

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