Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Improving business productivity through employee health

Luke Coutinho
Employee productivity is of key importance to all companies be it a start up or an established entity. In an efficient model one chooses to focus on not just quantity of work but quality too and both these parameters can be highly impacted when an employee is unhealthy.
Adding an additional coffee or vending machine, throwing one or two healthy options on the cafeteria menu, putting in a table tennis board, getting in a yoga or gym instructor on every other Saturday is merely scratching the surface of this problem. It’s a great start but statistics show that they lead to almost no improvement in the health and lifestyle of an employee.
Have a look at this research.
What is the solution? Over the last few years I have seen a drastic increase in clients from the corporate world, not only with weight loss issues, but problems ranging from fatty liver, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, insomnia, depression to even cancer. The cause is mainly lifestyle.
What your employees need is motivation on a consistent basis and knowledge on what’s right and what’s not for their bodies and mind. They need a holistic approach to their health so they see a point to doing it and all of the examples stated above or a monthly or quarterly 10 kilometre company run just won’t cut it.
Most diseases today are lifestyle created and lifestyle driven and that simply means that lifestyle change becomes the medicine that treats the disease from the root cause and not at just a symptom level like allopathic medicine does.
I am appalled to come across the number of people who take antacids daily, anti-inflammatory pills (NSAID), pain killers, crocins, vicks and other over the counter drugs to bring on temporary relief. These drugs when taken often lead to severe organ problems and compromises immunity. A change in lifestyle can help and is possible only when you invest in the right tools and structure in order to bring about measurable change and improvement in an employee’s life.
That’s exactly why GOQII was created, so that a user could have access to data that can be measured and translated into real lifestyle changes through a live qualified coach trained in nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress management. Over the last few months we have seen companies that have gotten their employees set up with their own personal virtual coach and the improvements in health and employee morale have been significant.
When we make a choice to seek guidance from a nutritionist and trainer it is usually to acquire the right knowledge, stay motivated and on track and that’s exactly how GOQII can make that happen for thousands of employees across the world.
I have spent time in a large company and now in my line of work I am exposed to several companies that just scratch the surface when it comes to improving employee health. I feel most companies look at employee health and well being as a tick in the box activity, but it important to change this trend as productivity, employee health and welfare go hand in hand.
Focusing on employees’ health and development, may be the right way for any other learning development program in a company to be wholesome and complete.

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