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Illegal vending raises Sirlim villagers’ hackles

Margao: Illegal vending along the National Highway in Dramapur-Sirlim has raised the hackles of villagers as they fear that the operators could be carriers of coronavirus. Villagers informed that nearly 25 illegal vendors have surfaced along the National Highway-17 passing through the village, and have made it a vending zone.

The matter was brought to the notice of the panchayat.  And, the sarpanch Sanjana Chari along with the secretary had issued directions to the vendors to stop vending inside the village boundaries.

The villagers informed that the appeals fell on deaf ears and the vendors continue to sell illegally. The villagers pointed out that there is no record about the health of the unknown vendors and with virus cases increasing in neighbouring villages, there is too much risk for the villagers.

The sarpanch has now written to Margao police stating that the panchayat is receiving several complaints about unidentified vendors occupying the shoulders of NH17 from Digaband to Jakniband, and even after being directed to move away, they continue doing their business which is not only creating obstruction to the movement of the people but could also endanger the lives of the villagers in view of the coronavirus as the vendors could be carriers of the virus.

Village development committee member and former sarpanch Dominic Noronha said that this is a serious matter as there are cases in neighbouring areas and nobody knows about of the vendors as they are not registered with the panchayat.

He said that they defy all directions and do not even wear face masks adding, “We had brought the matter to the notice of the police but there has been no action so far.”

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