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Illegal car parking clamped down



Vowing to instill traffic sense in vehicle drivers, the Panaji traffic cell in a single day clamped over 150 vehicles and penalised the drivers for traffic violation pertaining to obstructive parking and parking in no-parking zones of the city.

Even government vehicles were not spared as traffic cops clamped several government vehicles, which were found parked in no-parking zones or parked at spots that caused obstruction to traffic.

Panaji traffic cell police inspector Brandon D’Souza said that on Monday 156 cars were clamped for obstructive parking; vehicles were also parked in no-parking zones of the city.

“The vehicles – government or private – that cause hindrance to road traffic by parking in obstructive manner or parking in the no-parking area will be clamped,” D’Souza said, adding that

 “a number of government vehicles have also been clamped and the drivers penalised for the offence”.

The crackdown continued on Tuesday as well, and close to 150 vehicles were clamped.

He informed that this month the police have booked around 1200   cases related to vehicle parking in the city, and on Tuesday alone a total of 156 cases were reported, highest number of cases in a day.

The minimum fine for this traffic violation is Rs 100.

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